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Nikon Monarchs anyone?

16 years ago

Okay, my Zhumell post went over like a lead balloon. So I will try Nikon. hahaha :)

I am gathering that Zhumell is thought of as an 'import' which carries the idea that they have spotty quality standards.

Well I have a story that makes me trust that school of thought. I actually ordered a pair, and they sent me the wrong ones (cheaper, but still Zhumell) and after the customer service guy encouraged us to 'just use those' for the weekend, I took them out and tried them...

Well, the optics were fair, much better than my cheap Bushnell starters, BUT - I was SEEING DOUBLE!! Yup, for all intents and purposes, they were broken right out of the box.

So now I see why people are nervous with 'imports'

I was attracted to the Zhumell because they offered 4 foot close focus, but that will not outwiegh spotty quality. I have heard people love them if they get a good pair, but I am not willing to take the chance.

It is Nikon Monarch, 8x42 for me, it has a close focus of 8 ft, still pretty good, it has better eye relief, and a similar warranty - 25 years no fault type, with some small print I am sure....

Rave reviews from the web, whatever that is worth, I care more about what YOU experts think!

:o) Nif

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