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Monarch Chrysalis 2 months to eclose anyone ever heard of this???

11 years ago

Im a newbie to raising Monarchs,(my first year).

I just had two monarchs eclose after 8 weeks today,They formed their chrysalis the first week of September The weather went from hot and drought to very low temperatures and lots of rain right after they pupated.

I had 4 chrysalis altogether,the first two pupated a couple days before these last two they took a month to emerge !!

I was worried sick about those ,and totally gave up on these last two,But they looked plump, healthy and green. So I just kept my eye on them...But I figured the cold had killed them its been in the low 30's at night most nights.

I noticed they turned dark yesterday.I thought they had finally died or (HOPEFULLY)were going to hatch..It has been in the 70's the past two days.up from the 40' and 50's daytime temps ...

And when I came home from work today they had both hatched !!!

One male and one female.They were perfect.!!!! They flew right off.......I WAS AMAZED.Has anyone ever heard of monarchs taking this long to hatch out??? its very STRANGE from what little I know about it.

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