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Is Zoysia grass safe for western cottontails?

15 years ago


I'm a newbie, searching for information about Zoysia grass. We live at the edge of a small city in AZ, so don't have as many cottontails as those of you who live in the country :) but we do have a sweet little guy (or two?) who come into our back yard in the evening to graze on our weedy grass lawn. We would do nothing to harm the little ones, as you can see from my user name (I am "Bunny Ma")

We have 3 free-range housebuns inside, and they are our little furkids!

We need to add some grass to our spotty lawn, and my husband would like to order Zoysia plugs, but we need to know if our cottontail(s) would like this grass, and not be harmed by it? Thanks for any info you can give us! Jan

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