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Problems Digital Cameras Ameliorate or Eliminate

14 years ago

Just a few notes regarding some problems digital cameras either ameliorate or eliminate compared to 35mm SLRs that use film. I had been editing some old SLR shots taken before I bought my first digital and these things were noticeable.

1) The film color does not taint true colors

2) Sensitivity of film to different lighting, high altitude outdoor light, different temperature man made lighting, etc.

3) Cornering and central brightness in skies due to lensing.

4) Film Exposure Speed

5) Instant results and review of results

6) Light weight and size

Of course there's a long list of things that that SLR can do that a digital can not ...

1) True Double Exposures

2) Filtering during the Shot

3) Tricks with Exposure

4) Techniques dependent upon film type, speed, etc.

5) Many digital do not support interchangeable lenses and other features of a good SLR.

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