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Reposting of A Place for a New Garden ( Using Thumbnails )

14 years ago


I've recently escaped purgatory in Bakersfield, CA and returned to San Jose, CA. And as part of the exodus, I've been posting some photo tours to the California Gardening Forum. Unfortunately, many members use Dial-Up modems and were unable to easily view the Pics. So after some discussion, they turned me on to the idea of using Thumbnails and I have just now successfully discovered how to do this.

I promised I would repost the tours for them, but to prevent a rehash in the same forum, I elected to repost here in a forum that deals with photography and optics. Here the concept of posting PICS with thumbnails might be right at home. I hope.

I use Photobucket and the trick is to click the check box and then, got to the bottom of the page and click the button to generate HTML. Here you will find sample code to generate a thumbnail. Don't use the stuff directly below the image. You won't succeed. Go down TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and click the button for generating HTML that you find there!

So for those who had trouble with the first tour: A Place for a New Garden,

Here it is ...

I am now temporarily resident in both BKF and SJO. And when I arrived in SJO yesterday morning, I was met by a beautiful rainbow across the Santa clara Valley. Too bad I couldn't stop the car to get the picture when it was fully arced across the valley. I only caught this little bit as it dwindled.



Before getting into SJO yesterday, I stopped off at one of the more well known State Parks to get some garden shots, seeing as how our state parks are now a chip on the budget table.


Mission San Juan Bautista is actually owned and operated by the Catholic Church and is not part of the state park. The ajoining buildings are state park property.





Here're pics of the state park stuff ...




And for my last photo, an old and unusual pepper tree which is growing just outside the Plaza Hotel ...


Hey! I like this thumbnail stuff!


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