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Stop Tripod Wobble from QR Plates

16 years ago

Just found a product from Bogen (the tripod people, as in Bogen/Manfreto) that I have been hoping someone would invent one day!

the Quick Release Systems for tripods and cameras, scopes, optics are great helps for rapid changing of different equipment to the same tripod.

Even if your tripod is not a Quick Release(QR) model, you could buy an accessory that fits onto your tripod to make it Quick Release ready.

But the QR plates screw on/off and sometimes, especially if you pan & tilt your tripod fluid head a lot, the screws loosens just enough to produce noticable wobble that can be very annoying until you...

unlock the locking lever, remove the scope from the tripod, realign the QR plate to the scope base, re-tighten the QR plate to the scope, and return the scope to the tripod and flip the lock lever back in place. Each time.


now Bogen has come out with an accessory to stop this loosening/wobble! Great!

Just found it at Eagle Optics for $52 and will order one today for my Bogen/Manfretto Wilderness Tracker tripod, which is Quick Release and uses rectangular 1/4" screw QR plates.

BTW the QR plates are only $13, and I have one for each piece of equipment I might want to attach to my tripod, plus a couple of spares.

If you are trying to DigiScope with a camera and tripod combination that sometimes wobbles, this accessory may be just what you need.

This is the accessory Bogen makes to stop that wobble ...

Keep your scope in place...

Bogen has introduced this ingeniously designed plate for spotting scopes. Two rubber-padded bolts secure the quick release plate to the bottom of most spottings scopes, preventing the quick release plate from loosening.

1/4" threading fits most tripods.

Fits rectangular 3157 Quick-Release socket: 3130, 3030, 3265, 700RC2, 701RC2, and 390RC2 heads.

I'll put a Link at the bottom of the page where you can go see a pic of this accessory and get more Info

Gail R (WNY)

Here is a link that might be useful: Keep Your Scope In Place Info


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