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How do I prep a bowling ball before mosaicing (and other bowling ball

9 years ago

peso Thu, Oct 7, 04 at 18:42
Hey all you veteran bowling ball people! I have done a search on all the info, but I have a question. Do I have to paint the balls? One thread said I did, but I hadn't read about anyone else painting first. I have 2 balls one a flat red and one is a shiny blue. Could you let me know what you did and how you feel about this painting thing... Thanx in advance
littlechloe Thu, Oct 7, 04 at 19:45

I can't think why you'd paint it unless you are using glass or light colored marbles that would show the color underneath. It's a good idea to wipe it down really well with a cleaner that cuts grease as bowling balls have oil on them from the lanes. I covered one in half-marbles using clear silicone, didn't do anything other than clean it.

techsupport8 Mon, Oct 11, 04 at 8:29

If you don't like the color, then paint it.
If not, leave it be - it's less work.

barbara52 Mon, Sep 20, 04 at 14:15
If you plan to have yours outside, you should use a waterproof adhesive (I use GE Silicone II) and a waterproof sealer (I use Tile Lab grout sealer) over the grout.

Keli Tue, Sep 21, 04 at 6:06

more tips..
When you glue the plastic frogs on use superglue, or they'll pop back off.

When you mosaic the BB use small tesserae, it's easier to deal with the curve of the ball