Noxious weed list ~ Botanical names starting with the letter T


Tribulus terrestris ~ puncturevine
Taeniatherum caput-medusae ~ Medusa-head

Tagetes minuta ~ wild marigold

Tamarix parviflora ~ saltcedar

Tamarix ramosissima ~ saltcedar

Tamarix ssp. ~ saltcedar complex

Tanacetum vulgare ~ common tansy

Taraxacum spp. ~ dandelion

Thlaspi arvense ~ fanweed

Thymelaea passerina ~ mezereon

Tibouchina spp. ~ glory tree

Torilis arvensis ~ field hedge parsley

Toxicodendron radicans ~ poison ivy

Tragopogon pratensis ~ meadow salsify

Tragopogon spp. ~ goat's-beard

Trapa natans ~ water chestnut

Trapa spp. ~ water chestnut

Tribulus terrestris ~ puncture-vine

Tridax procumbens ~ coat buttons

Triumfetta rhoboidea ~ paroquet bur

Triumphetta semitriloba ~ Sacramento bur

Tussilago farfara ~ coltsfoot

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