Noxious weed list ~ Botanical names starting with the letter D


Daucus carota ~ Wild Carrot
Dactylis glomerata ~ orchard-grass

Datura ssp. ~ thorn-apple

Datura stramonium ~ jimsonweed

Daucus carota ~ wild carrot

Descurainia incana ~ Richardson tansy-mustard

Descurainia sophia ~ flixweed

Dichrostachys cinerea ~ marabu

Digitaria abyssinica ~ bottomless crabgrass

Digitaria ischaemum ~ smooth crabgrass

Digitaria sanguinalis ~ large crabgrass

Digitaria velutina ~ velvety crabgrass

Dioscorea alata ~ white yam

Dioscorea bulbifera ~ air potato

Dipsacus fullonum ~ common teasel

Dracocephalum parviflorum ~ American dragonhead

Drymeria arenarioides ~ sandy drymeria

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