Noxious weed list ~ Botanical names starting with the letter G


Galega officinalis ~ goat's rue

Galeopsis tetrahit ~ hemp nettle

Galinsoga parviflora ~ small-flowered galinsoga

Galium aparine ~ cleaver

Galium spp. ~ bedstraw

Galium spurium ~ cleaver

Gaura coccinea ~ scarlet gaura

Gaura drummondii ~ Drummond's gaura

Gaura sinuata ~ wavy-leaved gaura

Genista monspessulana ~ French broom

Geranium robertianum ~ Robert's geranium (or herb)

Glaucium corniculatum ~ red horn poppy

Grevillea banksii ~ kahili-flower

Grindelia squarrosa ~ curlycup gumweed

Gypsophila paniculata ~ baby's breath

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