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What can you tell me about variety X? Is it determinate or indetermin

11 years ago

ACE 55 Large, 10-12 ounce solid, deep red meaty fruits with mild taste. Low acidity.
Good foliage cover, determinate vines. 85 days.

ALICANTE An old gourmet favorite. Will not wilt when baked or broiled. Heavy crops with excellent flavor.
Indeterminate vines. 82 days.

AMANA ORANGE ( HEIRLOOM ) This old heirloom features large ( 5 inches in diameter ) beefsteak style
fruits that are a distinctive orange in color. Mild flavor. Indeterminate vines. 90 days.

ANNA RUSSIAN ( HEIRLOOM ) Pinkish red, heart shaped fruits from Russian stock. Large, early fruits have
outstanding flavor and average one pound in size. Ox-heart type foliage on indeterminate vines. 68 days.

AVALANCHE A great hybrid variety with large, globe shaped fruits on indeterminate vines.
Very disease resistant. Indeterminate. 72 days.

AZOYCHKA RUSSIAN The first tomato variety imported directly from Russia. Large, beefsteak type fruits
weighing about 10 ounces. Beautiful deep yellow color with a distinctive flavor unlike any American variety.
Indeterminate. 85 days.

AZTEC A great salad tomato bearing loads of delicious 4 ounce firm fruits on firm,
compact vines. Very Disease resistant. Determinate. 68 days.

BANANA LEGS Very prolific novelty tomato with yellow, pointed banana shaped fruits that are 4' long by 11/2'
wide. Good, meaty delicious plants that are a must for salads.
Determinate. 75 days.

BAXTER'S EARLY BUSH RED Extra early cherry type on compact, bush type plants. Prolific bearer of orange
red delicious salad fruits that will keep up to 28 days when refrigerated.
Determinate. 70 days.

BEEF KING HYBRID A giant beefsteak with excellent interior color and superior flavor. Large, firm fruits
average 10-12 ounces. Crack, disease resistant. Indeterminate.

BEEFMASTER HYBRID A hybrid strain of beefsteak type tomato on Indeterminate vines. Solid, meaty and
flavorful bright red fruits weighing up to 2 pounds or more. Indeterminate.
75 days.

BEEFSTEAK Very large bright scarlet fruits that are very meaty. A favorite whose seeds are must requested.
Indeterminate. 80 days

BETTER BOY A spectacular mid season tomato with plump, juicy, deep red fruits often weighing more than a
pound. Thrives almost anywhere and has excellent disease resistance. Indeterminate. 82 days

BETTERBOY HYBRID Improved version of the Better Boy with slightly larger fruits, more resistance to sun
scalding and better disease resistance. Indeterminate. 75 days.

BIG BEEF HYBRID Smooth, globe shaped fruits weigh 9-16 ounces. Exceptional yields of delicious fruits in
almost any climate or soil. Indeterminate. 73 days.

BIG GIRL HYBRID Heavy producer of one pound fruits that are bright red, firm and flavorful.
Bears full season. Indeterminate. 78 days.

BIG PICK HYBRID Large, round smooth fruits. Excellent home garden variety for fresh eating. 72 days.

BLACK BRANDYWINE Great tasting near black one ounce fruits with superior flavor. Indeterminate.

BLACK RUSSIAN ( RUSSIAN HEIRLOOM ) Very dark red, almost black fruits 2-3 inches in diameter with a
very sweet flavor. Indeterminate. 69 days.

BLACK KRIM Very unusual tomato whose skin is so dark red it is almost black in color. The inside of the fruit
are dark red and very sweet and tasty. 70 days.

BLACK PRINCE A Siberian tomato with very dark red skin and tender juicy fruits. Interior ranges from dark red
to chestnut brown. A deliciously different type of fruit.
Indeterminate. 72 days.

BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN Smooth red fruits to 16 ounces with good texture and flavor. Excellent mountain
variety. Indeterminate. 78 days.

BONNY BEST An old-time favorite with bright scarlet 8-10 fruits that are solid, meaty and tasty. Does especially
good in the North. Indeterminate. 72 days.

BRADLEY Pink, 7-10 fruits in clusters. Fruits tend to ripen at same time, making it an excellent canning and
freezing variety. Large, strong determinate plants. 80 days.

BRANDYWINE ( HEIRLOOM VARIETY ) Amish variety dating back to 1885. Excellent fine flavored rose
pink fruits to 11/2 pounds on potato like vines. Days to Harvest: 100.

BRANDYWINE PINK ( HEIRLOOM ) A rare version of the Brandywine with slightly acidic tasting fruits
weighing 14 ounces or more. Indeterminate. 85 days.

BUFFALO ( GREEN HOUSE VARIETY ) Extremely short jointed. Perfect for short winter day areas. Fruits are
7-8 ounces in abundance. Indeterminate. 70 days.

BURPEE BIG BOY Large crack-free fruits with superb flavor. One of the most popular garden varieties. Bright
red, firm, solid fruits weighing a pound or more.
Indeterminate. 78 days.

BURPEE BIG GIRL Heavy producer of one pound fruits. Full season bearer. Grows well about anywhere. 78
days. Indeterminate.

BURPEE DELICIOUS 78 days. Large, crack free fruits with superb flavor. Bright red, firm fruits weighing a
pound or more. Indeterminate.

BURPEE HYBRID VF Huge yields of crack resistant flavorful fruits all season long with delicious Burpee flavor.
72 days. Determinate.

BURPEE LONGKEEPER Excellent for keeping up to 12 weeks during the winter. Heavy producer of medium
sized fruits. 78 days. Indeterminate.

BURPEE SUPER BEEFSTEAK Excellent Beefsteak for home garden, truck garden. Very large, smooth
delicious fruits. Indeterminate.

BURPEE SUPERSTEAK HYBRID Extra large fruits over two pounds on vigorous plants. 80 days.

BUSH BEEFSTEAK Large, sandwich size fruit with deep rich red color. Bushy plants. Determinate.
62 days.

BUSH EARLY GIRL HYBRID Extremely early patio type plant with 4' meaty, sweet tasting fruits. 54 days.

BUSH GOLIATH Excellent producer of large 3-4 inch fruits on compact 3-4 ft. plants. Developed for patios,
with a high sugar content.

CABERNET GREENHOUSE TOMATO Smooth, round 7-9 ounce fruits with tremendous production and great
flavor. 74 days.

CALIFORNIA ACE Loads of large, firm fruits on determinant plants. A commercial standard. 80 days.

CAMPBELL'S 1327 Loads of medium early fruits that are bright red, smooth and delicious.
Indeterminate. 69 days.

CARNIVAL HYBRID Large, 7 ounce firm fruits on compact, determinate plants. 70 days.

CARO RICH Large 12 ounce fruits with deep golden orange color. High in beta carotene content. Very low acid
content, sweet flavor. 80 days. Determinate.

CARUSO HYBRID ( GREEN HOUSE VARIETY ) Very heavy producer of 7 ounce fruits under almost any

CELEBRITY HYBRID Super production of large fruit with excellent flavor.

CHAMPION HYBRID One of the earliest full size tomatoes. Superior sandwich tomato weighing 6-8 ounces.
Fruits are solid, meaty and extra sweet. Semi-determinate. 70 days.

CHEROKEE Vigorous plants producing 7 ounce, firm, meaty fruits full of flavor. Matures from inside out.

CHEROKEE PURPLE Good flavored pink-purple fruits averaging 8-12 ounces. 90 days. Indeterminate.

CHERRY GRANDE HYBRID Very productive hybrid cherry type with large clusters of 11/2' fruits.
Determinate. 74 days.

CLASSICA HYBRID High yields of perfectly shaped pear shaped fruits, high in sugar and easy to peel. Very
good eating quality, probably the best among pear types. 76 days.

CLIMBING TRIP-L-CROP ( ITALIAN TREE ) Enormous yields on vigorous vines growing to 10-15 ft. Fruits
are rich red,
meaty and large.

COBRA ( GREENHOUSE TYPE ) Well suited for greenhouse production. The plants are vigorous and very
productive, with short internodes. The 5-6 celled fruits are very firm and average 6-7 ounces.

COLONIAL Widely adapted variety . The medium size fruits are firm, deep red and have excellent flavor. 78
days. Determinate.

COSTOLUTO GENOVESE An excellent performer in greenhouse and open air growing conditions. 7 ounce
ribbed, firm fleshed, sweet flavored fruits. 90 days. Indeterminate.

COUSTRALEE ( French Heirloom ) Large, beefsteak type fruits up to 4 inches across. Soft delicious flesh. 82
days. Indeterminate.

CRIMSON CUSHION Very old beefsteak variety with vigorous vines and huge thick fleshed fruits weighing up
to 2 pounds. 80 days. Indeterminate.

CRIMSON FANCY HYBRID A very hardy plant producing an abundance of 8 ounce super sweet fruits.
Determinate. 75 days.

DANIELA ( Long Shelf Life ) Fruits are 6-7 ounce, firm and deep red with excellent flavor. Long shelf life of 3
weeks or longer. 77 days.

DAYBREAK HYBRID An early producing tomato with large 10 oz. fruits on compact fruits. Sweet and juicy.

DEBARAO A Russian type plum tomato averaging 3-4 oz. Deep red and perfect for salads and sauces.

DEWEESE STREAKED Large, orange yellow fruits with a big red splash on the bottom. 90 days.

DINNER PLATE This one is well named! Its fruits can weigh up to a whopping 30 ounces! Fruits are heart
shaped with fine quality, great tasting flesh.

DIXIE GOLDEN GIANT ( Heirloom ) An Amish favorite with huge lemon yellow beefsteak tomatoes that have a
fruity flavor and few seeds. 100 days. Indeterminate.

DOMBITO HYBRID ( GREEN HOUSE VARIETY ) Beefsteak type fruits, meaty and flavorful. Early, heavy

DONA HYBRID An early gourmet variety from France with a nearly perfect acid/sugar ratio.
Smooth, deep red fruits. Indeterminate. 65 days.

DOUBLERICH Bears 2-3 inch deep red fruits rich in flavor with twice the vitamin C as other tomatoes. A great
short season variety. 75 days. Indeterminate.

DRUZBA ( Bulgarian Heirloom ) Husky plants bearing loads of 12 ounce bright red fruits with pink-gold
shoulders. High acid content with sweet/tart flavor. 95 days. Indeterminate.

DUKE HYBRID Large 8 ounce fruits, deep red with good flavor. Widely adaptable. 74 days.

DUTCHMAN ( Heirloom ) Old strain that features purplish pink fruits with mild flavor. Large meaty fruits are very
sweet. 80 days. Indeterminate.

DWARF CHAMPION ( TREE TOMATO ) Compact, upright 24 inch plants with strong thick stems. Bears
loads of purplish pink fruits averaging 5 oz. Potato leaf like foliage. Perfect for small gardens or patios. 70 days.

EARLY CASCADE HYBRID Early, with loads of 4-6 ounce fruits. Highly colored, delicious and long bearing.

EARLY CHERRY A fast maturing early cherry type with sweet 11/2' fruits that ripen over a 3-4 week period.
Sets well even in cold weather. 55 days. Determinate.

EARLY GIRL Produces meaty red fruits averaging 4-6 oz. Excellent color, texture, flavor.
Perfect slicing tomato. Indeterminate.

EARLY GIRL HYBRID One of the earliest slicing tomatoes with high yields of 6-8 ounce fruits.
Indeterminate. 52 days.

EARLY PICK HYBRID Large, delicious fruits perfect for fresh market or home gardens. 62 days.

ELBERTA GIRL Bright red fruits, striped in regal gold nestled amid silvery green foliage. A most beautiful plant
with delicious 3 ounce plum shaped fruits. Determinate.

EMPIRE Main season crops of large 11 ounce high quality deep red fruits. Widely adaptable. 78 days.

ENCHANTMENT HYBRID ( EGG TOMATO ) Produces 3 ounce egg shaped, red fruits that perfect for
salads. Delicious, mild flavor. 70 days. Indeterminate.

ESTIVA Beautiful smooth red globe shaped fruits average 6-7 ounces. Very firm with excellent taste and crack
resistant. Indeterminate. 70 days.

EVA'S PURPLE BALL From the Black Forest of Germany, this one provides almost perfect shaped round,
juicy sweet fruits that are purplish pink and almost blemish free. Averages about 5 ounces. Peels very easily.
Thrives in hot, humid climates. 78 days.

EVERGREEN As the name implies, this tomato stays green even when ripe. Mild delicious flavor and very meaty.
An excellent choice for frying, salsas and conserve recipes.

FANTASTIC HYBRID Scarlet, deep globe fruit of medium-large size producing heavy loads of fruits.

FIREBALL A pink fruited hybrid with excellent eating quality. Loads of 6-7 ounce fruits all season. Indeterminate.

FIRST LADY Smooth, crack resistant 5-6 ounce early fruits. Bears over long season.

FIRST LADY II HYBRID An improved version of First Lady that is more crack resistant. Perfect for markets.
Indeterminate. 68 days.

FLAVOR MORE Excellent flavor and long storage. Deep red fruits average 7-10 ounces and will keep for
several weeks if picked before turning ripe and stored between 55-70 degrees. 85 days.

FLORA-DADE Excellent market tomato for southern humid areas. Good shaped 7 ounce fruits.
Open pollinated.

FLORAMERICA HYBRID Dark red deep globe-shaped fruits on bushy plants. Heavy bearer, very adaptable.

GARDEN HUCKLEBERRY 3 ft. plants produce hundreds of shiny purple black tiny fruits. Fruits should only be
picked when completely ripe. Determinate.

GARDEN PEACH Medium sized 2 fruits that are pale pink and fuzzy like a peach. Has an excellent full flavor and
will keep well for up to 4 months if picked before frost. Indeterminate. 90 days.

GARDENER'S DELIGHT German bred variety with long, grape like bunches of 3/4 inch fruits that are very
sweet. Will produce until frost. 72 days. Indeterminate.

GEORGIA STREAK Rich gold fruits blushed with delicate pink with a red streaked interior. Large fruits weigh
between 1 to 2 pounds. Sweet flavor. Indeterminate.

GERMAN HEAD Old favorite with large pink beefsteak type fruits weighing up to 2 pounds.
Excellent roadside market variety. 90 days. Indeterminate.

GERMAN JOHNSON PINK A garden favorite that produces large tasty pink fruits in 65 days. Disease

GERMAN RED STRAWBERRY ( Heirloom ) A German heirloom with delicious uniform fruits resembling in
color and shape,
but reaching 10 ounces or more in size. In determinate. 80 days.

GIANT BELGIUM Huge fruits that average 1 to 2 lbs. and have produced 5 lb fruits!. Dark pink fruits that are so
sweet, they are sometimes used to make wine. Very solid flesh. Perfect sandwich tomato as one slice covers the
whole sandwich!

GIANT OXHEART Large firm, meaty rosy pink fruits that weigh up to 2 pounds. Very few seeds. 90 days.

GIANT TREE Enormous yields on vigorous vines that can grow up to 15 ft.. Need to be trellised. Each plant can
produce up to 2-3 bushels of tomatoes. Fruits are rich red, meaty and large. Perfect for canning.

GLACIER Extremely cold tolerant, high yielding strain of plant. Flowers early and bears lots of 2 to 3 ounce fruits.
63 days. Indeterminate.

GOLD NUGGET 1' oval golden nuggets with sweet flavor on 24' compact plants. Determinate.

GOLDEN BOY HYBRID ( LOW ACID ) Low-acid, mild flavored fruit that are golden colored and globe
shaped. Very meaty with excellent yields.

GOLDEN CHERRY Sweet sugar flavor and high carotene content in golden skin bite size fruits.

GOLD DUST Medium sized globe shaped golden orange skinned fruits, firm with excellent flavor. 61 days.

GOLDEN JUBILEE Bright golden orange, 2-4 inch fruits with meaty thick walls. Good for home or fresh market.

GOLDEN PONDEROSA Giant 8 ft. vines produce loads of flattened and round to oblong golden yellow skinned
fruits. Mild flavor. 80 days. Indeterminate.

GOLDEN TREASURE ( Storage Type ) Superior flavor for a storage type tomato. Picked green, it will turn
golden ripe in 1-11/2 months. More amazingly, it will keep store on your kitchen counter for another month or so!
Delicious 2' fruits. Indeterminate. 70 days.

GOLIATH HYBRID One of the most popular truck patch tomatoes. Bears sweet, luscious fruits that can average
10 to 15 ounces with perfect wrinkle free skin that is a deep, rich red. Produces yield after yield in only 65 days.
Grows anywhere and is very disease resistant.

GREAT WHITE BEEFSTEAK Large white fruits with great low acid sweet flavor. Indeterminate.

GREEN GRAPE Green when ripe, 3/4' fruits are in clusters. Excellent for fresh eating,
roadside stands and homemade pickles. Determinate.

GREEN HUSK TOMATO ( TOMATILLO ) 2' fruits are harvested when green, papery husks removed before
cooking. Great for Mexican salsas. Determinate.

GREEN ZEBRA Fully ripe fruits are bright green with stripes of lighter green. Delightful appearance and full
tomato flavor. Determinate.

GULF STATE MARKET An old market type with smooth, blemish free 8 oz. fruits with pink red flesh.
Indeterminate. 75 days.

HALLEY Excellent salad fruits that hold well in the field. Plum shaped 4-6 ounce fruits. 78 days.

HARVEST VEE Large red 12 oz. globe shaped fruits. Excellent all purpose tomato with good flavor. 75 days.

HEARTLAND HYBRID Rich, dark green foliage protects sweet 6-8 ounce fruits. Indeterminate. 69 days.

HEAT WAVE HYBRID Excellent choice for Southern gardens where daytime temperatures stays in the upper
90's. Uniform red fruits are deeply ovate. 74 days.

HEINZ1439 A tomato developed by the famous catsup people for making catsup, purees and sauces. If you like
making any of these, this tomato is a must. Resists cracking and has excellent foliage cover. Beautiful, delicious
fruit in 72 days.

HILLBILLY ( HEIRLOOM ) An ancient heirloom from the hills of West Virginia. Fruits are large, mild with an
unusual orange-yellow color streaked and mottled with red.

HOMESTEAD 24 Rich red, uniform fruits averaging 7 oz. that set under almost any conditions.
Raised worldwide. Open pollinated.

HUSKY CHERRY GOLD Four ft. tall plants bearing loads of delicious 1' round fruits.

HUSKY CHERRY RED Four ft. tall plants bearing loads of delicious 1' round fruits.

HUSKY GOLD 5-7 ounce golden fruits on dwarf plants. Early maturity, vibrant fruit color.

HUSKY PINK HYBRID 5-7 ounce pink fruits on dwarf plants. Early maturity, vibrant fruit color, good container
plant. Indeterminate.

HUSKY RED 5-7 ounce deep red fruits on dwarf plants. Early maturity, vibrant fruit color.

ITALIAN GIANT BEEFSTEAK ( Heirloom ) Italian heirloom featuring giant tomatoes up to 16 ounces. Meaty
and delicious.
Large yielding. 85 days.

ITALIAN GOLD Bears loads of golden orange juicy fruits high in pectin. Good for canning,
freezing, fresh eating.

JACKPOT HYBRID Large 8-10 ounce. Smooth, globe shaped. Crack resistant.

JEFF DAVIS Low acid flavorful pink-purple fruits with a distinctive color weighing over a pound. Vigorous vines
with potato leaf foliage. 85 days. Indeterminate.

JET STAR Early and compact with good flavor and low acidity. Large globe shaped fruits.

JOHN BAER Old-time favorite with medium sized red globes that are solid, meaty and tasty.
Very high yields. 70 days. Indeterminate.

JUBILEE Medium sized golden orange fruits averaging 6-7 oz. Has a great meaty flavor.
Open pollinated.

JUMBO HYBRID ( GREEN HOUSE VARIETY ) Prolific growing, producing large red fruits, capable of
producing 20-30 pounds of fruit per plant.

JUNE PINK Pretty, rosy pink globe shaped fruits averaging 8 ounces. Good producer.
Indeterminate. 75 days.

KEEPSAKE HYBRID A long shelf life hybrid with exceptional flavor after storage. Fruits ripen all over at same
time from inside out. 70 days. Determinate.

KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK ( Heirloom ) Enormous 2 pound deep orange and delicious fruits. 115 days.

KOOTENAI Good tomato for ripening under poly tunnels, yet bears all season. Flavorful 2-3 inch salad type
fruits in abundance. 85 days. Determinate.

KYNDIA ( GREENHOUSE ) Very good nematode resistance as well as a good root stock for grafting. Bears
loads of good quality fruits. 70 days.

LA ROSA Deep red, delicious, pear shaped fruits that are perfect for peeling, dicing,
slicing and sauces. 78 days. Determinate.

LARGE RED CHERRY Excellent salad tomato with clusters of deep scarlet 1' fruits . 72 days.

LEMON BOY HYBRID Large 7 ounce deep lemon colored fruits with delicious mild flavor.

LIBERTY A heavy producer of 6-7 oz. fruits on strong determinate bushy plants. 80 days.

LIGHT PINK OXHEART Light pink, 12 ounce heart-shaped fruits that are very meaty and flavorful. 75 days.

LILLIANS YELLOW HEIRLOOM Large, clear yellow globe shaped fruits weighing up to a pound. Mild, rich
flavor. 100 days. Indeterminate.

LISA KING Open pollinated variety with big firm smooth 8-10 oz. fruits. Excellent for canning or slicing. 100

LIVINGSTON'S PARAGON ( Heirloom ) Dating back to the 1840's, this is a perfect canning tomato. Produces
heavy yields of almost perfectly smooth round fruits. 75 days. Indeterminate.

LONGKEEPER A long storage tomato that will store up to 3 months if gathered before full ripe. Flavorful
orange-red fruits. 70 days.

LUNCHBOX Loads of egg size delicious fruits on bushy plants. Good container plant. 62 days.

MANALUCIE Medium to large deep globe shaped fruits. Indeterminate with good cover. Open pollinated.

MANITOBA Bright red, flattened, good flavored fruits that weigh about 6 ounces.
Determinate and easy to grow in a small area.

MARGLOBE IMPROVED Smooth, firm globe shaped fruits with good crack resistance.

MARGLOBE SELECT Smooth, firm globe shaped fruits with good crack resistance.

MARION HYBRID Especially good for the Southeast. Loads of delicious 6 ounce globe shaped fruits.
Indeterminate. 78 days.

MARIZOL PURPLE An heirloom from Germany with dark purplish pink fruits that are very sweet.
Large 8 ounce fruits, will bear till frost. 80 days. Indeterminate.

MARMANDE ( FRENCH HEIRLOOM ) An old-time favorite from France that is very popular across Europe.
Vigorous vines yields loads of firm, scarlet red round fruits with unique flavor.
Indeterminate. 68 days.

MATT'S WILD CHERRY Actually a variety of wild tomato that bears loads of super flavorful 3/4' fruits. Great
snack tomato.

MICRO-TOM The world's smallest tomato with plants only 6-8' tall bearing tiny, flavorful pea sized fruits. Ideal
plant for windowsills and containers.

MINI-ORANGE Large bush type with hundreds of 11/2' brilliant orange fine flavored fruits per plant. 85 days.

MIRACLE SWEET HYBRID The sweetest tomato we know of. Abundance of deep red, perfect shaped 5-6 oz.


MONTE CARLO HYBRID Excellent home garden variety with full season yields of globe shaped fruits averaging
4-6 ounces. 75 days. Indeterminate.

MONEY MAKER One of the oldest heirlooms. Fruits are smallish, about 2-3 inches in diameter and bright red.
Usually clustered in groups of 6-10 fruits. Very reliable. 77 days. Indeterminate.

MORTAGE LIFTER Large pink fruits over a pound each. One of the best beefsteaks available. Open pollinated.

MOSKVICH A very hardy, tasty tomato from Siberia. 4-6 oz. fruits are smooth and delicious. Indeterminate.

MOUNTAIN BELLE CHERRY HYBRID Fruits are jointless, bright red and about 11/4' across. Great salad
tomato. 68 days. Determinate.

MOUNTAIN DELIGHT HYBRID Strong vines bearing uniform 7 ounce fruits. Excellent for commercial or home

MOUNTAIN FRESH Large determinate plants bearing large 31/2' and larger fruits that are resistant to cracking.

MOUNTAIN GOLD Yellow fruits with superior disease resistance and excellent production. Open pollinated.

MOUNTAIN PRIDE A large fruited, crack resistant green shouldered, jointed tomato. Good trellis type.

MOUNTAIN SPRING HYBRID Flattened globe to deep oblate in shape. Excellent flavored 7-8 ounce fruits.

MOUNTAIN SUPREME HYBRID Tall vines with good foliage cover. Bright red fruits with delicious flavor.

MR. STRIPEY Very large yellow fruit with pinkish red stripes. Very mild, low acid. An old time favorite. Open

NAPOLI Pear shaped 3 ounce fruits. Open pollinated.

NEBRASKA WEDDING ( Heirloom ) An old Great Plains favorite with deep orange 10 ounce delicious fruits.
105 days. Determinate.

NEWYORKER One of the earliest standard sized tomatoes. High yields of smooth, meaty,
scarlet fruits weighing 4 to 6 ounces. Good for short season growers. 66 days.

NORTHERN EXPOSURE A great tomato for the Northern States and high elevations where the growing season
is short and cool. Deep red 8 oz. fruits. Compact plants. Determinate. 67 days.

OLD BROOKS Smooth, blemish free fruits with slightly acidic taste, great for home canning.
A good all around variety. 82 days. Indeterminate.

OLD GERMAN ( HEIRLOOM ) An old heirloom variety producing huge boat shaped fruits weighing 2 pounds
or so. Color is golden yellow with pink to red stripes that varies from fruit to fruit. Excellent for slicing.

OLD WYANDOTTE 5-8 ounce yellow fruits with excellent flavor. 75 days. Indeterminate.

OLYMIC HYBRID Eight ounce, glossy, firm and flavorful fruits on determinate plants.

ORANGE OXHEART Large 3 inch golden-orange fruits weighing 1-2 pounds. Meaty, luscious flavor with few
seeds. 80 days. Indeterminate.

OREGON SPRING Loads of 3 to 5 ounce meaty fruits with excellent flavor on healthy plants. Sets well in cool
weather. Nearly seedless. Perfect for catsup and sauces.
Determinate. 60 days.

OXHEART Firm meaty pink fruits with thick walls. Large, heart shaped fruits. Open pollinated.

PARK'S WHOPPER IMPROVED HYBRID Large 4' fruits in just 65 days. A popular home garden and fresh
market variety.

PATIO HYBRID Perfect for small gardens, container growing. Medium size fruit with good color,

PERON ( SPRAYLESS TOMATO ) The world's only sprayless tomato, requiring no pesticides for production.
Excellent quality fruits very high in vitamin C.68 days. Determinate.

PERSIMMON ORANGE Large, plump golden orange fruits up to two pounds. Very meaty with great flavor.

PIEDMONT Thick walled, excellent shipper. 7-8 ounces. Open pollinated.

PIK RED HYBRID Smooth, solid, large globe fruit on sturdy, compact vines. Good for shipping,
holds well for local markets.

PILGRIM HYBRID Excellent variety for Northern climates as it sets high quality fruits even under cool conditions.
Uniform, smooth fruits have superior flavor. Determinate.

PINEAPPLE Huge uniquely patterned, beautiful, yellow-red striped fruits make the centerpiece of any garden.
Beefsteak type fruits are meaty and delicious and easily reach 5' in diameter. Plants are heavy foliaged to protect

PINEAPPLE GOLDEN Orange fruits with pink stripes. An old heirloom favorite. 12-16 oz. fruits.
Open pollinated.

PINK CHERRY ( Heirloom ) Small round pinkish fruits only 3/4 inch in diameter. Excellent for salads and
pickling. Yields all season. 85 days. Indeterminate.

PINK GIRL HYBRID Lovely pink 8 ounce fruits that are very crack resistant. Indeterminate.

PINK PING PONG High yields of sweet, pink cherry type fruits. Indeterminate.

PLUM LEMON A unique variety from Russia producing extremely heavy yields of lemon shaped fruits with a
curious citrus flavor. 95 days. Indeterminate.

POLISH GIANT ( Polish Heirloom ) Large, mild and sweet low acid fruits weighing up to 2 pounds. Great for
sandwiches, salads and even winemaking. 90 days. Indeterminate.

PONDER-HEART Large pink tomato developed in Japan. Good yields of thick, meaty fruits with non-acid flavor
and small seed cavities. Good for fresh eating or canning. 75 days.

PONDEROSA PINK Very large, meaty, oblate shaped fruits with rough skin and mild flavor. Open pollinated.

PONDEROSA RED An old time favorite with extra large beefsteak type fruits that are low acid and almost
seedless. Heavy producer. 80 days. Indeterminate.

PORTER Drought resistant favorite in the Southeast. Dark pink 2 ounce fruits that are plum shaped. Sprawling
vines. Excellent for canning and juicing. 78 days.

PRINCIPE BORGHESE A small plum type from southern Italy about 1' in size. Good for drying in sun or salsas.

PRUDENS PURPLE Dark pink, almost purple large fruits to 16 oz. Potato leaf vines.

PURPLE CALABASH More of a novelty tomato grown for it's deep purple fruits, flavor is not that good.

PUSA RUBY An early variety from India with uniform, smooth fruits. Great garden variety.
60 days. Indeterminate.

RAINBOW Large orange fruits with red spots and streaks. Delicious low acid flavor. 85 days. Indeterminate.

RED CHERRY Good for patios, hanging gardens. Pinkish red fruits have great flavor.

RED CURRANT The wild red currant from South America. Crisp, sweet and tart taste. 1/4-1/2' fruits.

RED PEAR Good container plant with red pear shaped fruits averaging 1/2 oz.

RED PLUM Great old time variety for preserves and canning. Red plum shaped fruits are 2 inches by 11/2 inches,
weighing about an ounce. 70 days. Determinate.

RED ROBIN An extra sweet dwarf that can be container grown. Round, red 11/4' fruits on compact plants
reaching only 8 to 12 inches. Ideal for windowsills, patios or hanging baskets. 55 days. Determinate.

RED ROSE Vigorous vines with large red fruits. Excellent disease resistance. 90 days.

RIESENTRAUBE ( German Heirloom ) A most unusual variety from Germany that produces clusters of red fruits
weighing about 3/4 ounce each. Compact plants with good foliage cover. 70 days.

ROMA Red, pear shaped fruit used fresh or for paste. Open pollinated.

ROYAL FLUSH Large red slightly flattened globe shaped fruits with smooth skin.

RUFFLED YELLOW Yellow accordion shaped fruits, perfect for halving, or using as dessert cups.
Excellent flavor. Indeterminate.

RUTGERS Popular old favorite with smooth, firm globe shaped tomatoes. Open pollinated.

RUTGERS SELECT Old time favorite, ideal for canning. Bright red, heavy walled 7 oz. fruits.
Full flavor.

SAINT PIERRE ( Italian Heirloom ) A very popular variety with a unique taste and medium to large fruits. A good
Northern variety. 80 days. Indeterminate.

SAN MARZANO Excellent paste type for soups, sauces, canning and catsup. 3 inch by 2 inch bright red fruits
hang in clusters. 80 days. Indeterminate.

SANTA HYBRID Prolific amounts of orange red to deep red 1/2 ounce fruit in clusters that resemble elongated
grapes. Outstanding sweet flavor.

SASHA'S PRIDE Early beefsteak type from the Siberian Mountains. 4 ounce scarlet, extra sweet fruits with thin
skins. 55 days. Indeterminate.

SAUSAGE Unusually shaped tomatoes, up to 6 inches long like huge red banana peppers.
Fine flavored meat for catsup or sauces.

SAUSALITO HYBRID Loads of round, deep red fruits weighing about 3 ounces. Ideal for slicing fresh, catsup
or salsas. 72 days. Determinate.

SIBERIA Russian heirloom variety capable of setting fruit at 38 degrees. Bright red 5 oz. fruits.

SILVERY FIR TREE Excellent, attractive patio plant with unusual, lacy silver gray leaves.
Produces abundance of 3-4 inch flattened orange red delicious fruits with slight acid flavor. Does require staking in
containers. 58 days. Determinate.

SMALL FRY HYBRID Sweet, juicy, bite size red fruits perfect for snacks and salads. 65 days.

SOLAR SET HYBRID Able to set fruit even in high temperatures. Full flavored 8 to 9 ounce bright red fruits. 70
days. Determinate.

SOLDACKI ( POLISH HEIRLOOM ) Intensely sweet flavor and low acid dark pink fruits weighing a pound or
75 days. Indeterminate.

SOUTHERN NIGHT A Russian heirloom with dark gray-pink to deep mahogany hued fruits and excellent flavor
that retains well even when canned. Determinate.

SPARK'S EARLIANA Old time favorite that sets clusters of bright red, delicious fruits. 62 days.

SPOON These are the most delightful miniature tomatoes you will ever grow. They are regular, tasty red tomatoes
but they only reach 3/8' or so in size and grow in clusters just like grapes. Great for salads or as a conversation
piece. Each plant can bear over a thousand fruits!

SPRINGSET Dark red, medium-large deep oblate to globe shaped fruits.

STONE An excellent slicing, sandwich and canning variety with high yields of smooth,
blemish free 6-8 ounce fruits. 90 days. Indeterminate.

STRIPED GERMAN Bicolor center of yellow with red marbling. A German variety with great tomato flavor,
medium sized fruits.

STUPICE A native of Czechoslovakia with great cold tolerance and superior flavor. Bears loads of 2 ounce fruits.
52 days. Indeterminate.

SUB-ARTIC MAXI Extra early tomato for the Northern region. Dwarf bushes bears loads of 2-4 ounce fruits.
Great flavor. 58 days. Determinate.

SUGAR LUMP ( German Heirloom ) An exceptionally sweet heirloom variety that features heavy yields until
Smooth, sweet red fruits in clusters. Fruits average 1' in diameter. 72 days.

SUNCHERRY HYBRID Loads of 1/4' bite size fruits in clusters. Super sweet, thin skinned and juicy.

SUNGOLD ( MINIATURE ) A favorite hybrid from England that produces loads of super sweet bite size fruits.
It is a very early producer and can even be greenhouse grown.

SUNLEAPER A Sunmaster variety widely used for fresh market use. Sets loads of bright red delicious fruits. 69
days. Determinate.

SUNMASTER HYBRID Perfect for hot Southern gardens, withstands 90 degree temperatures. Deep red 7 oz.
fruits. Very heat resistant.

SUNNY HYBRID Very popular commercial variety. Has high yields of uniform, medium to large fruits with thick
walls and firm texture. Determinate. 70 days.

SUNRAY Large golden 7 oz. fruits on fusarium resistant plants. Open pollinated.

SUPERBEEFSTEAK Very meaty, large red fruits on prolific, vigorous plants. 17 oz. fruits. Open pollinated.

SUPER BUSH HYBRID Deep green, rich foliage with thick stems and loads of 5 oz. fruits.

SUPER FANTASTIC HYBRID An improved variety of the Fantastic. Heavy loads of smooth, meaty, solid fruits
averaging 10 ounces. Indeterminate.

SUPER SIOUX Good for ares with hot summer temperatures. Bears loads of thick walled, crack free red fruits
with slight acidic flavor. 70 days. Semi-indeterminate.

SUPER SWEET 100 Bears hundreds of sweet one inch fruits high in vitamin C. Bears till frost.

SUPERSONIC HYBRID Large, oblate, mid season fruit that are resistant to cracking. Bears large quantities.

SWEET CHELSEA HYBRID Huge 6 ft. vines yield heavy loads of super sweet, thin skinned fruits. Bears full
season, good for fresh market. Low acid. 64 days. Indeterminate.

SWEET MILLION HYBRID A true cherry type that is a good container grown plant. Bears heavy loads of 1/2'
fruits in triple clusters. Well rounded, deep red color and with multiple disease resistance.

SWEETIE Extra sweet with a 12-14 percent sugar content, these are the perfect tomatoes for fresh eating. Loads
of 1/2 inch red cherry fruits on compact plants.
Indeterminate. 75 days.

TAURUS HYBRID Hearty plants yield loads of medium-large fruits with good crack resistance and excellent
flavor. 76 days. Determinate.

TANGERINE Deep yellow, tangerine shaped fruits with a sweet flavor that resembles a tangerine when lightly
salted. 85 days. Indeterminate.

TERRIFIC HYBRID High yields of large oblate to globe shaped fruits throughout the season. 73 days.

THESSALONIKI ( Greek Heirloom ) Uniform baseball size fruits that are resistant to sunburn, spots and
Mild flavor and keeps well even after ripe. Indeterminate. 68 days.

TIFFEN MENNONITE ( Mennonite Heirloom ) Heirloom variety of the Mennonites with large, dark pink fruits 4
inches across.
Firm with outstanding flavor. Indeterminate. 82 days.

TIGERELLA A tangy flavored red meaty fruit with marked stripes of green to yellow.

TOY BOY HBYRID Especially bred for containers and hanging baskets. Tasty, 11/2' fruits on compact plants
only 14' tall. 55 days. Determinate.

ULTRA BOY HYBRID Smooth, deep globe shaped fruits averaging well over a pound. 72 days.

ULTRA GIRL HYBRID One of the best early staking hybrids. Bright red fruits average 7 to 9 ounces on a
compact plant. 62 days. Indeterminate.

VERA TOMATO PEPPER ( RED STUFFER ) Bright red bell shaped tomatoes are perfect for stuffing and
displaying. 76 days. Indeterminate.

WALTER VILLEMAIRE One of the best varieties for the heat of the South. High yields of smooth attractive
fruits in the 8 oz. range. Determinate. 75 days.

WATERMELON BEEFSTEAK ( Heirloom ) Giant, pink skinned fruits weighing 2 pounds or more with very
mild flavor.
Oblong shape similar to a watermelon. 75 days. Indeterminate.

WHITE POTATO LEAF Makes beautiful white sauces for gourmet dishes. 4 to 5 ounce fruits have a pleasant
acidic taste. 85 days. Indeterminate.

WONDER BOY HYBRID A main crop hybrid with large meaty fruits weighing a pound or more.
Particularly suited for Southern climates. 80 days, indeterminate.

YELLOW BRANDYWINE Prolific yields of 12-20 ounce golden yellow fruits with creamy texture. Potato leaf
plants. 100 days. Indeterminate.

YELLOW CHERRY Loads of 1/2 inch super sweet yellow fruits or snacking or salads. 70 days.

YELLOW GIANT BELGIUM ( HEIRLOOM ) Giant sized golden fruits with mild delicious flavor. 95 days.