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Soil Forum Shorthand Definitions

10 years ago

Soil Forum Shorthand Definitions

The following are definitions of terms that are sometimes used on the Soil forum that can be confusing to new users.

  • ialbtc "It All Leads Back to Compost"

    Coined by the lovable but odd Prof. Dirt and adopted as our Mantra by all true believers.

  • ICIPOU "International Compost Inspectors and Putrescible Operators Union"

    Icky-Poo for short. This is our Union. Bill G is the prez and Ann and Alfie are the "official" inspectors charged with adhering to standards and collecting dues.

  • OPBL "Other Peoples Bagged Leaves"

    A major source of "browns" or carbon rich material that is free and easily stored for later use.

    Also:OPBSL "Other Peoples Bagged Shredded Leaves"

    Highly prized as they have been pre-processed for your scrounging convinience.

  • OPBLC "Other Peoples Bagged Lawn Clippings"

    A good source of "greens" or nitrogen rich material that can be used to get a new pile to heat up.

  • AWAAWOS "As Wet As A Wrung Out Sponge"

    Compost needs to be moist for the decomposer organisms to thrive. This is the benchmark standard measure for proper moisture levels.

  • CT "Compost Tea"

    A solution made by steeping finished compost in water. Used to water plants and as a defense against certain diseases. There are also variations using manure, alfalfa, and even certain weed plants like Stinging Nettles. More advanced vaiations include the additions of small amounts of other ingredients into the mixture much like a cooking recipie. Rock powders, powdered seaweed, fish emulsion, molasses, and others. All can be used to great effect.

    Also:CTB "Compost Tea Brewer"

    Any container that you use to brew Compost Tea. These range from simple and passive 5 gal. buckets to 55 gal. drums with integrated heat and aereation systems to very large scale (500 gal. plus) commercial units for farm use.

  • OM "Organic Material"

    Material that is able to be composted. This includes almost all plant material and other putrescible items.

  • IBM "Interbay Mulch"

    A method of sheet composting developed by one of our contributors. (See seperate FAQ entry on this for more).

    The usage of the full term "Interbay Mulch" is prefered over IBM to avoid folks trying to compost old PC's.

  • SB "Starbucks"

    A favorite and very cooperative location for "harvesting" coffee grounds to use in composting. They have a corporate policy of trying to recycle and reuse much of their waste and will provide used grounds for the asking at most locations.

    Also:SBCG "Starbucks Coffee Grounds"

  • microherd

    The term we use for the colonies of decomposer organisms that we encourage and cultivate by composting. Also the organisms that are present in well prepared and nurtured soil beds.

  • wacko

    Anyone who hangs out here and participates in the often times bizzare practices we engage in during our pursuit of compostable material.

  • wordie

    A term of affection. You might notice that some of the Soil Forum regulars love language almost as much as they love their compost and they are our "wordies".

  • Leaf Thief

    Someone who prowls their neighborhood (usually under cover of darkness) "rescuing" OPBL from the curbside. (see wacko)

  • Lasagna bed

    A term used to describe a method of layering compostable material directly on an area you wish to transform into a planting bed.