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Inserting Pics in Posts

10 years ago

It is often asked how to post pictures to the GWeb. Some of the forums are set up for direct uploading. These are indicated by the camera icons next to thier names on the list below.

Forums List

That is the simpliest way to do it. All you need is to have your image, either on a disk or stored on your hard drive, and follow the "Image Uploading" instructions on the page.

Another method is to set up a Photo Gallery of your own to store images on. These are free can be found at a number of places. One that is used by a number of Gweb visitors is:


Once you set up a gallery of images and have them stored on the photo sites server you can use some very simple and basic HTML code to either embed the image directly into your post or create a "Hotlink" to direct the reader's browser to the image.

To embed an image directly you get the URL of the image and enclose it in an "Image Source Equals" tag using the "Carat" brackets. The "Carats" are the pointy brackets above the period and comma on your keyboard.

The code looks like this:

Ihis method will allow the image to appear directly in the body of your post like this.

The second method would be to create a "Hotlink" that thr reader can click on to be directed to the image.

This method is preferable as embedding graphics directly can slow down page loading time if the images are very large.

To do a "Hotlink" you use the "Hypertext Reference" tag.

This is done as three parts.

The tag itself enclosed in carats:

A descriptive title to let people know what the "Hotlink" will be directing them to:

Mountain Lake

And a closing tag that completes the string also enclosed in carats:

These three elements are typed as one continuous string.

It is simpler than it sounds.

Mountain Lake

This is an active link to illustrate.

Mountain Lake

I hope this makes your time at Gardenweb more enjoyable.


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