Anise Hyssop ~ Agastache foeniculum

8 years ago

{{gwi:2110380}}Image by: wintersown

Anise Hyssop is a butterfly attracting plant with anise scented leaves and lavender flowers spikes. Plant it close to a border's edge so its leaves can give off their scent when brushed as you walk by.

Seed collection is easy, where the flowers have faded will develop the seed heads, they are gathered closely and mimic the shape of the flower spike. Intitally the seed spikes are light lime green and then fade to brown when the seeds are mature.

Gather the spikes by snapping them off the plant and allow them to dry on an open plate for a few days. Tap the seed spikes to release dozens and dozens of tiny tan to dark-brown, slightly oblongated seeds. Any excess chaff may be gently puffed away.

The seed spikes themselves are attractive and scented and a good addition to a dry bouquet. To use for a bouquet simply cut the plant stem at an appropriate length and hang upside-down in a dry room for a few weeks. When it is fully dry the stem may be trimmed to vase length.