What is a Round Robin?, AKA Seed Swap Pass


What is a Round Robin, sometimes known as a Seed Swap Pass.
There are different types of Round Robins, they can be for seeds, (mixed, vegetables, perennials, annuals), they can be for anything that the originator decides upon.
The starter of a Round Robin will post the type of 'Round Robin'. Once she or he has selected the number of participants and the route the Robin will take, they will mail the Robin, usually they will also at this time announce the flight path of the Robin. The Robin will be sent to the first person on the Flight list, this also is decided by the originator. It will follow its route from person to person, with each taking out as many items as they choose and replacing those items with the same number of items of their choosing, keeping in mind the guidelines of the originator. The Robin is then shipped to the next person on the list and generally it will be posted on this forum when the Robin has landed 'meaning a new person received it' or that the Robin is in the air, 'meaning that it is on the way to the next person'.

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