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How long will it take for my cutting to root?

10 years ago

It can take anywhere from ten days to four months for a cutting to root, depending on the method you use, the time of year, and the quality and variety of cuttings.

A misting system is the quickest method for rooting. I have gotten a good set of roots in as little as ten days, with mist, in the heat of summer here in Texas. Baggies will take a little longer and will generally produce roots in about three to eight weeks. If they are inside, placing them on a source of heat such as your computer monitor or on top of the refrigerator, will encourage roots to grow faster, towards the heat. Air layering will take longer, possibly several months.

The type of cuttings will also effect this. Miniature roses are notoriously easy and quick to root, while Hybrid Teas are more difficult and sometimes take longer. Some Old Garden Roses will root readily and speedily, while others may seem nearly impossible to sucessfully propagate.



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