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Can I root my florist roses?

11 years ago

It is possible to root florist roses. These are not ideal for the garden - they are more suited to the greenhouses where they have been raised, usually in tropical climates. But if you have some florist roses, why not give it a try?

Something to be aware of is that many florist roses have been treated with preservative that hinders root growth. You can call the nursery where yours were purchased, to find out if this is the case.

Most of the florist roses that I have heard of rooting, were from unsuspecting recipients who left the roses in their vase of water over a period of several months, and then noticed that roots had formed below the water line. This seems almost too easy, but there it is! :-)

If you would like to try a more standard approach to rooting florist roses, you can try placing them in a misting bed, do the baggie method, or plant them outside in a shady area and cover with a jar. Chances can be increased with the use of rooting hormone and wounding the bottoms of the cuttings with a sharp knife. If interested in these methods or learning more about the terms used, do a search in the rose prop forum for more detailed instructions. Have fun rooting!