Teacup and Saucer Light Sconce Birdfeeder

klynnnn(z8 SC USA)

Image by: bouncingpig
Teacup Birdfeeder - A Variation
Teacup and Saucer Light Sconce Birdfeeder

Member bouncingpig tell us how she made her teacup birdfeeder on a tree:

The old brass light was found for 50 cents at a garage sale. I removed all the wiring from the light, spray painted it white and then using Pro-Series SF 450 heavy duty sub-floor & construction adhesive, I first glued the teacup to the saucer and then glued the saucer to the light. The light already had holes that worked perfect for the prisms. Then I just screwed it directly into our tree. It was so simple to make! (and it looks great too!)

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