Tea Cup Birdfeeder

14 years ago

Finally finished this,only took a year or so! I have it hanging in the front yard from meat hooks(they were my mothers, I have no idea on Earth where she would have found meat hooks except for Goodwill or some place or why she thought she needed them...umm,prolly same reason any one of us would have gotten them if we found them!!) Anyway,these tea cups and saucers were saved from the mosaic madness that consumed me for a while. Wouldn't you know I realized I'm out of birdseed once I had it hanging up! I'm adding spoons to the saucers tomorrow...or tonight! Used silicone to glue it,it was a rusty old flood chandelier but still had that tacky gold paint on it,so I painted it white,and the rust will come through it very soon. If I get a pic of a bird landing there I'll be back to show it :)


Here is a link that might be useful: my garden junk album

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