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Mable Covered Bowling Ball

10 years ago

Materials Needed:
Old Bowling Ball
650 Half Marbles or glass gems(approx. 6bgs of 12oz marbles)
1 Tube Silicone Glue (GE Silicone II, clear, outdoor)
Cereal Bowl (or something to hold the work in progress)
Wood Putty (optional)
Outdoor Spray Paint (optional)

Assembly Steps:
Using the Silicone glue work in sections to glue the half marbles in place. The glue will hold almostimmediately so place the marbles carefully.

It is best to do the top half of the BB and then let it dry overnight (in cereal bowl) before turning the BB over and glueing the bottom portion. When doing the bottom portion you can either leave the finger holes open or see below for filling instructions.

Place in the Garden and enjoy the shimmering beauty you just created!!

Optional Steps:
If your BB is black and you prefer another color, simply use an outdoor spray paint to achieve the color of your choice. Spray the BB well and let dry throughly before you glue on any marbles.

If you wish to cover the finger holes in the BB, use wood putty to fill them and let it completely dry before adhering the marbles to that area.


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