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Garden Fuchsias (Hardy types).

10 years ago

Whether growing a plant yourself from a cutting or puchasing a plant from a nursery, always grow-it-on until it is in a 5 inch pot, that has had the growing tips pinched out at least once.
Preparation for a hardy fuchsia border can begin in the previous Autumn by digging in well rotted manure. You must remember that a plant will be in situ for many years, so preparation is important. Before planting your new fuchsias into the garden, wait until all risk of frost has gone and night temperature is no lower than 10c or 50f.

A position of dappled shade is ideal, if this is not possible don't worry. As long as the root system has plenty of moisture they will virtually thrive in any position in the garden. If you only intend planting a single plant in an established border, just prepare the planting area. Make hole at least twice the size of pot and a few inches deeper, add a sprinkling of a nitrogen type fertilizer.

Before placing plant in hole, remove any leaves on bottom of stems, 2"/3" inches. Level of garden soil will come up higher on stems than when it was in the pot, quite alright, by placing deepr this will help protect the 'crown' of the fuchsia during it's first winter against frost.
Water-in and make sure soil is kept moist for the first few weeks.

In late Autumn when they begin to die down you can trim them back to 18 inches (never cut them down to ground level at this stage, especially if your area is prone to frosts).

Only cut the old stems to ground level in late Spring when new growth appears at soil level. If you live in areas e.g. Zone 10 and do not really get cold winters, give them a light trim and feed, this will strengthen your plant.
The only exception to cutting down to ground level is if you are growing the Magellanica type for hedging.

In late Spring when new growth appears dig in a granular type Nitrogen feed, during the summer months dig in e.g. fish,blood and bonemeal, pelleted chicken manure, or fish emulsion.

When flowering season arrives, remove dead flowers/seed pods, then your fuchsias will continue to flower for a much longer period.
Hardy Fuchsia Border


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