Which rulers do you have? Which do you use?

13 years ago

I am curious to learn which rulers we all find most useful. I have the following:


* 15" square -- got this 50% off at Joann's!

* 6x24" -- second most useful, after the 15" square

* 3x18" -- a friend gave me this one

* 6" square -- the first ruler I bought

* 2.5" square -- very handy for tiny fussy cuts

* 6" triangle -- don't use that one very often, but it good for setting triangles

* Olipfa 6.5" square up ruler, which I have only used to cut 6.5" squares. Maybe I don't need that one after all, but it is a commonly used size.

* Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Rulers, large and small

* I made my own "Triangle in a Square" templates from the plastic you cut yourself. Quilt in a Day makes that one too, but I have not bought it -- yet! Perhaps if I make an entire quilt using that block. So far, I only made one "54-40 or Fight" block for Mary C's Quilt of Valor project.

I actually use all of these rulers, though I admit that some of them (flying geese) are so specialized that I don't get to use them often.

What do the rest of you have? Which do you use most often? Which do you want to give away? (Hint, hint. Trade them for fat quarters!)

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