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Lets turn it around, what do you like about your house?

12 years ago

Now, that we know some things you don't like about your house, are there things to brag about it as well?

Let me go first, about the house I vacated:

AWESOME storage and bookshelves, all built in.


PS, what I didn't like was the heat and air. So loud, I woke up every time they would turn on, unless I turned the vent to on, rather than leave it on auto overnight.

Comments (40)

  • always_learning
    12 years ago

    That it's PAID IN FULL!! :-)

  • 3katz4me
    12 years ago

    That it's in the middle of the woods and I never have to close my curtains. I also like that we have a lot of big windows with nice views and a very nice kitchen and wood and tile floors - no carpet.

  • country_sunshine
    12 years ago

    Since we designed and built it ourselves, we pretty much like what we have. I love our sunroom... and it is just the perfect place to sit and read... and I adore the fireplace.. and all the storage we have both upstairs and down... I love the location. On a counry road with very little traffic.. and when we do hear a vehicle, many times we don't even need to look up to know who it is.. just by the sound of the vehicle. I love that we are on a hillside, and can look down into the meadow and watch the wildlife running and playing...and I love that we are able to have a nice garden and grow pretty much whatever we want to. I love living here too because I feel safe walking these counry roads... and we have such wonderful neighbors and friends that are so willing to jump to our aid whenever needed..

    I really feel like we are living in a proverbial paradise..


  • sheilajoyce_gw
    12 years ago

    I like the size of the house, very roomy. I also like all the windows and the large combined family room and kitchen in one great room. And we especially like that it is located in usually sunny southern California--no more sleet and snow.

  • nanny98
    12 years ago

    I think I answered that the last time. We very often, especially the first few years, told each other how much we love our home. Yes, we do. Nanny

  • Marilyn_Sue
    12 years ago

    I like that it is all brick, it is in a woods with enough clearing to have a very large garden, I am back a fairly long drive from the road, it is bi-level, we can burn wood if we need or want to, I have a sewing room and a small library, no carpeting, and that we are finally getting to update and fix a lot of things. My house is 41 years old. I have only 2 neighbors and not all that close and we get along.


  • tobygirl
    12 years ago

    What I like about our house:

    It's all on one level.
    All the walls are white.
    Inexpensive to heat and cool.
    It's in the country on eleven acres, so no close neighbors.

  • bulldinkie
    12 years ago

    In the 70s we built .my hubbys a contractor ,I loved it ,it was laid out really nice,Then in 1993 we found this farm 40 acres,with a 1700 farmhouse pre civil war home.I have a deed with a col.George Himes ,he was in the battle of Gettysburg,We completely restored the house,kept the old wavy glass,trim ,mouldings,I love it ,Its so comfy,beautiful,I love the history.It has 6 fireplaces.a big one walk in ,in the dining room.

  • User
    12 years ago

    We've just moved into our 16 year dream on 45 acres. The fact we had a horrible start with it and got stuck in a small trailer for 6 months makes our home even more lovely to us. We picked a basic design online and then redrew what we wanted and took that to an architect. I have SAD so we have a large living space - living room / kitchen. I finally have a craft room. It's all on a concrete base with infloor heating and wood stove. The systems have been built with our future goals in mind for alternative energy sources as we can afford them - solar, wind. Huge windows south facing.

    And being an avid gardener, next spring I start working on landscaping, gardens, vegetable gardens (have to secure the food gardens from deer) and Dave finally has a new workshop for his woodworking about the size of a 3 car garage.

    All new appliances (first time in my life). We still have cupboards to build for storage. And we still have our kitchen to build - we have a temporary kitchen sink set up. Everything will come together in time as we get more money.

    Both of us are still stunned we have been able to find our version of 'Mike Holmes' to save us from the con that stole our money. Things may be tight but no mortgage, we have a line of credit to work on over the next 3 years but I have faith.

    I love everything about this new home. Our neighbours are walking distance - they've made our decision to tough it out very easy. I count ourselves as being blessed in so many ways that really count.


  • lynn_d
    12 years ago

    Our house is a large multi-level, which my come back to bite me in the butt one day, but I love it. The rooms are huge, there is a large covered patio and a monstrous (30x35) deck overlooking the pool and pond. But what I love most is that we have 28 acres that keep it peaceful and we share it with all the critters. I love them all.

  • izzie
    12 years ago

    My entry closet. There are not too many things I like about my house. I have a split level, never again, I don't know what I was thinking. The only nice thing about a split level is it makes the basement more livable. The only thing I really like is the entry closet, it's a walk in with lots of storage, great for living in Mn with all the coats, winter gear, boots. I have wire baskets mounted in the closet for all the gloves and hats, scarfs.

  • samkaren
    12 years ago

    I love my sun room (3 season porch) area. I have my wicker furniture in there and it's wonderful to sit and watch the sunrise every day.

    I love my bedroom...huge with 3 large closets. I no longer have to pack away clothes.

    I love our backyard which is a 300 acre cornfield.

    your resident DJ

  • czech_chick
    12 years ago

    1) It's a one-level ranch

    2) 2 1/2-car attached garage

    3) 3 bathrooms

    4) Small plot of land - care is a breeze!

    5) Brand-new kitchen and baths

    6) Underground electric

    7) Sewer

    8) Close to major hospitals, shopping

    9) Finished basement

    1. It's paid for! LOL
  • wanda_va
    12 years ago

    No mortgage
    2-1/2 car attached garage
    3 master bedroom suites with walk-in closets
    4 full baths, with garden tubs and separate showers
    6 wooded acres = privacy; closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away
    only 3 miles to a small town with all necessities
    2 full kitchens
    covered porches on 3 sides of house (double-decker on back)
    large rooms

  • vala55
    12 years ago

    Everything except the lighting. I need to talk to an elec about that and get it fixed.

  • Adella Bedella
    12 years ago

    Ours is a one level ranch. It has an awesome front porch and a huge back patio. I have lots of room to plant stuff. The floor plan is good. I have all of my bedrooms in one area which is how I like it.

  • alisande
    12 years ago

    I didn't see the thread about dislikes, which is probably just as well. :-) But the pros definitely outweigh the cons, at least in my mind (and heart).

    I love my old farmhouse's antiquity. The interior, with its hand-hewn posts and beams, big stone fireplace, and hemlock plank walls, exudes charm.

    I also love some of the "new," like the kitchen that went in a few years ago.

    I enjoy having a porch, privacy on 31 acres (both sides of the road), a big old barn, and room to grow anything I want.

    Oh, and I'm deeply fond of our stone ice house.

  • linda_in_iowa
    12 years ago

    It is mine. I can paint when I want. I also like that the living room has a large window giving me a good view. The family room faces the back yard and has a large window also.
    I love my red kitchen with it's white cupboards. One thing that sold me on the house was the laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Since my house is small, it is economical to heat and cool.

  • chisue
    12 years ago

    Since I got this backwards before -- telling you what I LIKE about our current house -- I'll tell you shortcomings of our former home.

    No basement -- not because I want to live in one, but because having none was awful when I developed asthma. I can't live and sleep that close to 'wetlands'.

    1950's brick ranch with ZERO insulation in the walls; aluminum-frame (heat exchanger) windows with single glazing (and storms that had to be put up and taken down). We replaced windows and blew in insulation. Replaced oversized HVAC with right-sized to cut down on too hot/too cold/big lags between on and off. Not helpful that the supply vents were on the walls, near the ceiling. FR was an addition but had only baseboard heating and no returns. 'Layered effect' heat.

    Pecky cypress ceilings and walls in LR (vaulted) and FR -- lung and sinus irritant. Heat rose into vault, leaving floor cold in winter.

    St Charles all *steel* kitchen cabinets and full length SS (dull grey) drainboards. (Ripped out drainboards; replaced (asbestos) floor tiles; replaced picture window with sliders; added vented Thermador oven/broiler.)

    No front-facing window in kitchen. Forever running to the front door to check kids when they'd play there.

    Small bathrooms. Eight-foot ceilings. Small eating area in kitchen. West-facing patio only useable before noon in summer.

    Rectangular combination LR-DR with FR off the back. Entertaining nightmare when kids present and an unused, walk-through LR for just the family.

    Boom of traffic on nearby expressway as it was widened. Overhead air traffic as O'Hare grew. (These were some of our prime reasons for moving -- to find peace and quiet.)

  • vala55
    12 years ago

    I replied once, but wanted to mention, my home backs up to an old farmer's hedge row and I love it. No houses only birds an occasional fox and deer.

  • thistledew5750
    12 years ago

    Paid in full.
    Tucked in the woods with few neighbors and ones that have been good friends with for 30+ years
    Just finished wrap around pourch (long story, LOL)
    Country, just the way I like it

  • whidbeykathy
    12 years ago

    Our three level deck, all 750 sq. ft of it.. the fact that we overlook Skagit Bay makes the rest of the homes annoyances almost bearable..

  • glenda_al
    12 years ago

    No Mtg
    Fantastic view, in my opinion
    Convenience of location
    Feel safe

  • Charlee_MO
    12 years ago

    The windows and siding I had put on last year! Made a big difference in heating/cooling. Then I painted my LR and I like that. Need to do a lot of work, but its mine!

  • joann23456
    12 years ago

    - That it's old (maybe 1895). (That's also what I don't like about it.:)

    - Gorgeous wide mouldings.

    - Beautiful old hardwood floors with a soft sheen. I much prefer these to new floors.

    - High ceilings (just under 10')

    - Big windows

    - Beautiful new kitchen with good appliances

    - In a walking neighborhood (I can walk to the grocery store, bank, dry cleaner, hair dresser, etc. all within 10 minutes walk.)

    - Two blocks from the ocean.

  • susanjf_gw
    12 years ago

    what i like..the size if the kitchen (has to be an eat-in) 3 of the 4 br can hold king beds.

  • oldgardener_2009
    12 years ago

    Love it, thistledew5750, beautiful!


    ~ the property it's on, 5 wooded acres and lots of wildlife
    ~ the 2-story windows overlooking the trees
    ~ the wood stove underneath the 2-story windows
    ~ the tall ceiling in the living room, very airy
    ~ the seclusion

  • soxxxx
    12 years ago

    The open floor plan

    Lots of windows

    It is angled to the road at the end of a curving drive

    Large laundry room that is big enough for my sewing machine

    Neighbors' houses can be seen, but cannot hear noises from them

    There are 18 acreas that I can roam afoot or in the John Deere gator

  • Lily316
    12 years ago

    That it looks like it belongs on a Currier and Ives Xmas card. Three fireplaces, old moldings, 40 old windows, winding staircase,, keeping room, back staircase, brand new custom kitchen ,(well five years old) huge rooms, and surrounded by many many big old trees. Close to everything. I too missed the negative thread but small closets would be the big complaint.

  • kathi_mdgd
    12 years ago

    That it's a one story(ranch)
    close to shopping and the base
    Oceanview,and close to the beach,5 min or less depending on traffic lights.
    Close to Dr's and big Hospitals
    Many churches to choose from.
    Very freeway accessible.
    Have larger yards than the newer homes.
    Best part about it is it backs up to a canyon that is enviromentally protected,so never have to worry about anyone building back there.

  • Lindsey_CA
    12 years ago

    ->3-car garage
    ->breakfast nook at the back of the house so people out front can't see us sitting in our jammies when we're eating breakfast with the window coverings open
    ->large laundry room that doesn't require walking in front of the washer & dryer to go through the room into the garage (or from the garage into the house)
    ->in addition to the fireplace in the family room, we have a fireplace in the master bedroom
    ->master en suite bathroom has separate shower and large, deep, oval soaking tub; dual sinks; separate "commode room"
    ->huge master walk-in closet
    ->master bedroom is upstairs at the back of the house so we dont' hear noise from kids playing in their front yards or in the street on the weekends
    ->backyard that is very, very, very large by California standards, with no one behind us because there's a creek that runs behind the property & you can't build within 60 feet of the creek.

  • Cherryfizz
    12 years ago

    My remodeled kitchen and bathroom. My kitchen is an eat in kitchen.

    My house is a 1 1/2 story so the unfinished upstairs is the attic. Neighbour Ken said it would only take some new drywall and something to cover the sub floor to make it a nice big sitting room, bedroom or craft room. Lots of storage but the attic is pretty full up right now. At Christmas time I store all my baked goods in tins on the attic stairs because it is cool.

    Natural wood fireplace but I only burn those 3 hour logs but in case of power outage I have lots of seasoned wood out back that I could use in the fireplace.

    My bedroom at the back of the house is cool in the winter and the summer which I like.

    No mortgage

    Two room unfinished basement with cement floors and cement block walls which is good because when the storm sewers back up as they often do I don't have to worry about cleaning carpets or replacing furniture. New washing machine will be up on blocks soon in anticipation of the next flood.

    House faces west so lots of afternoon sun which helps to heat up the house in the winter.

    Clothes chute in the hall to the laundry room.

    Lots of parks and trails nearby plus I live just 3 blocks from the Detroit River and within walking distance to the mouth of Lake St, Clair. I love being so close to the water and the riverfront parks.

    Most of my family lives within walking distance.

    No carpeting in my house which is wonderful especially when I have 2 cats and a dog that seem to shed all the time. Original hardwood floors but they do need to be refinished.

    Heated linen closet in the winter when the furnace is on - sheets and towels are always warm

    Fairly big lot, deep fenced in back yard

    Wonderful neighbours except for the witch. Grew up on this tree lined street so it is home and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    LOL I love my bed which I don't spend nearly enough time in.

    I love my house when it is decorated at Christmas. Very cozy.

  • lindaohnowga
    12 years ago

    I love that our house is a brick house,all one floor ranch, sits back from the road with lots of trees in the front yard....our wildlife sanctuary and entertainment center with all of the birds and squirrels that we get to enjoy watching from our favorite room in our house, our solarium, with all the big windows. I love the location...being in the suberbs on an acre, yet not far from bank, shopping, doctors and hospital, and next to the most wonderful neighbor anyone could ever ask to have.

  • luckygardnr
    12 years ago

    I love everything about my new house except the livingroom paint color, which is an easy fix, when we get around to it. I love the open layout, everything I need on one level, the kitchen facing into the livingroom, Everything! And it's paid in full!

  • jannie
    12 years ago

    I love my house, it's small and cozy, perfect for two people tho we have a dining room table that fits ten. It's pretty easy to clean, only 2 bathrooms. DH was very good about keeping it maintained, in good repair, insullated, etc. It's in good shape for someone built in 1957- that makes it 53 years old. Almost as old as me.

  • des_arc_ya_ya
    12 years ago

    It's paid for! I love all the trees in the yard. I love my big diningroom/kitchen area. I like all of our mismatched/funky/retro/painted used stuff in it.

    It's warm and comfortable. We have one dog and two cats who share their home with us.

  • patti43
    12 years ago

    I like that it's just the right size for the two of us. I like the layout and love my screened porch. Like having a garage even if it's 1-1/2 car and doesn't have room for the car with the golf cart and Harry's scooter.

    Like that both bedrooms have good-sized closets and the bedrooms are decent size. Love my neighbors and our neighborhood, but that's something you don't know until you move in most of the time.

    And like Glenda said, I feel safe here.

  • amicus
    12 years ago

    cherryfizz, you made me laugh with "wonderful neighbours except for the witch." Other than her, it sounds great!

  • kathy_
    12 years ago

    Paid 4...that's a biggie

    My computer sits in the bowed front (4 windows - 2 straight and 2 slanted back. Perfect view all around.

    Farmland all around that is protected.
    Close neighbors, but no too close.

    I cans see the sun coming over the mountain.

    The basement. We had a huge boulder pushed out of the solid rock basement that filled a sink hole in the back of the lot. That was one expensive boulder and a lot of dynamite and hubby fought me big time over putting the basement in but I won. Now we are both glad I did.

    One small step to the porch in back. I insisted on that too. Someday we might need a ramp.

  • Marcia Thornley
    12 years ago

    Paid for!
    It has character. Natural wood trim, hardwood floors throughout, leaded glass windows, cove ceilings, no rear neighbours, lots of old trees and critters to watch. We are also within walking distance of just about everything we need. Great old family neighbourhood with a small town feel within the city.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!