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How many remember the 'Leaving Christmas Ornaments' angels?

12 years ago

I am working on some of them right now...and was wondering if there are any new pretty ideas for this year.

One thing I was thinking was a circle shaped ornament with embossing on it. All white with the embossing and using a needle to punch a lace look.

Here is what you put on the tag...

" People all over the world are leaving ornaments in public places, for people like you to find. So take me home and hang me on your tree. And if you want to get in on the fun. pass on some ornaments of your own. Spreading the Holiday spirit on ornament at a time"

you can a Happy Holidays or a Merry Christmas at the bottom.

I have the pattern of the angel if anyone wants it. But I'll have to hook up my scanner first.


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