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Amazing Race - November 25, 07

16 years ago

Hi Kids,

I liked the team that got booted off. Granted...last week the girl really drove me nuts with the way she acted during the Camel milking, but she recovered well from that. I really wanted the two of them to bounce back from last place and stick it to the Blonds who gave them the 'U Turned'. The Blonds...there's a team that will and should fall apart soon. As it turned out, the U Turn was a good got rid of the team they wanted but, I think it has caused some bad feelings between the two of them.

The Father and Daughter team is better....father less of an a$$. The Grandfather and Grandson are rolling right along. The Goths are holding their own. The Hippie and his skinny little girlfriend are strong. The short cheerleader and her tall boyfriend are doing OK..but she sure acted like a spoiled child when they came in second at the finish. And the brother and sister remain very strong...hey...when a girl has to use the bathroom - a girl HAS to use the bathroom. Am I missing anyone? Oh...the Blonds...they make up the 7teams that are left...right?

Good show last night, but not as good as last week.


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