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How do you keep sliced apples from turning brown?

12 years ago

I've been surfing the web to find an easy, cold party food idea to take to work; the boss lady is turning 50, so we're all bringing in light treats to mark the occasion. Already spoken for on the sign-up list: lots of baked goods, dips, chips, salsa, hummus/pita chips, crudites (that's usually my fallback! as is a dill dip, but it contains raw onions and she won't eat raw onions, so that's out.)

I thought of doing a fruit platter and came across this recipe.

Now I know that pretty much almost immediately sliced apples start to turn brown. (What's the chemical reaction to air that does that?).

Anyway -- pls read this recipe in the link. One of the steps is to place the sliced apples in a Ziploc with half a cup of orange juice, coat them well and then place them on a drying rack.

I've heard of sprinkling lemon juice over sliced apples -- I guess orange juice uses the same acidic properties to keep them from turning.

I'd be horrified if I took this in to work and realized all the apples were brown! Before my last plane trip, I sliced some apples, put them in a container and put them in the fridge. In the morning, they were brown -- I guess the container was not 100% airtight. Maybe I should just put the apple slices, after the draining, into a Ziploc and take them to work that way?

Here is a link that might be useful: apples w/cream cheese-honey dip

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