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I dislike how Trader Joe's prices their produce!

11 years ago

I've been to TJ's only about 4 times. I wanted to get some of their pizza dough. Had tried it at my sis in laws. good stuff. Anyway, needed to pick up some fruit. They charge by the piece! When I spotted the prices, from a ways away, I thought WOW! I can't believe the good prices on apples! lol OOPS! 99 cents EACH! lol not pound! lol Plus, there are NO scales anywhere, so you can't even compare the price with what you pay at other stores.

I also don't like knowing where their other products are made or grown. Actually, it is really hard to find where many products are made/grown at any grocery store. "Product distributed by...." no help to me! lol

there... my daily complaint is done!

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