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When do you put your tree up?

12 years ago

Back when I had a live tree, I used to wait until Dec 10-15, then that gradually moved up to where I was putting up the live tree anywhere after December 1. When Gary and I were married, he had an artificial tree and we've used that for the past few years. I've still refused to have Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving, though we have put up the outdoor ones (to beat the snow and cold) and just not turned them on until Thanksgiving weekend. This year, Gary is thinking it might be nice to have a live tree, which he hasn't had in years. I've given him the 'bad' news that I won't have a live tree in the house until first week of December, because I consider it a fire hazard to keep it up any longer (it's probably a fire hazard anyway after a couple of weeks, but oh well..). We've agreed that if we do a live tree, we will put it up and decorate it as the very last part of our decorating, sometime in December.

What's your schedule?

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