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No More flu shots for me!

9 years ago

I'm sitting here absolutely exhausted after a very rough night. I got my flu shot yesterday morning and by early evening I started having chills and sweating. No matter what I wore, I just couldn't get warm enough.

I spent most of the night either sweating profusely or feeling like I was in a deep freeze.

While on active duty, I had no choice as the shot is required. After retiring, I didn't both because of this happening whenever I got the shots. Since I've diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor recommended I get the shot. If this is what I can expect, I'd rather have the #%#$ flu.

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  • kacram
    9 years ago

    2 months ago, i had 7 immunization shots in one day, and
    last week I had 5 more. got the flu shot and the hib and
    haven't had any problems except for two sore arms. Sorry
    you reacted so badly.

  • sylviatexas1
    9 years ago

    I just got my first flu shot ever, & the doctor recommended 2 tylenol as soon as I got home to prevent that sore arm;
    took those & no problem.

    I do know that the medics will tell you that nothing ever causes any side effects & that there's no such thing as a negative reaction...
    & I know that isn't so!

    I once had a horrible reaction to a tetanus shot & was told it *had* to have been something else because "it's impossible to have a reaction to a tetanus shot".

    Since then, I've talked to at least half a dozen people who've had reactions ranging from mild to coma.

    Know that they're giving you, & be careful!

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    Sorry this is long. I found this message thread very interesting because over 3 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis. My doctor said it was 'triggered' by an antibiotic that I was given that I had an allergic reaction to. In one month I went from hiking 8 miles and not breaking a sweat and doing climbing walls to being so disabled with pain and swelling in my feet, hands, my joints ached and sensations in my legs (needed to sleep on my back with legs up on pillows) that I had to get pants with elastic. The doctor told me that I would be disabled and on meds the rest of my life. He could not explain to me sufficiently how this could happen in one month. I refused meds and toughed it out. The first month I felt sorry for myself and was a couch potato. Then I kicked myself and started to read. That was about the only thing I could do. This is what I found out and how I beat my diagnosis. I found that when we reach around the age of 40 our body slowly diminishes it's production of our super antioxidant glutathione. This is a major player in the proper functioning of our immune system and regulates so many body systems that I am not going to list all of them here. The one I am going to mention is that it does regulate the hormones. When this is depleted via the severe immune response that happens when you receive a vaccination the body's cells and gut (80% of our immune system is regulated from there) is no longer protected because of oxidative stress. When the gut is compromised the body absorption of vit. D is diminished. Now another thing to take into consideration is family medical history. Is there allergies or auto-immune disease in the family? If this is true then there is the possibility that there could be any one or more of these factors: 1) defective GSH (glutathione) gene; 2) elevated levels of free floating IgE in the body; 3) increased levels of histamine release from mast cells. These are the most important. Because I found that RA was an auto-immune issue likely caused by my allergic reaction to the anti-biotic I had to deal with the inflammation and find how I could diminish this. First I started with diet. What foods can cause inflammation and eliminate them? I eliminated all processed sugars and went to honey for a start. Then I found what to add to my diet to increase my body production of glutathione (I was 58 at onslaught of RA). I added more fruits and green veggies (increasing my vit C & E). As I researched further I found that whey protein helps intensify the C & E so I started taking a whey suppliment. With the changes in diet initially I saw slow impovement in 1 month. When I added the whey protein I saw improvement in 2 weeks. It took 2 years for my body to heal itself and I was pretty much symptom free and pain free. The only problem I had left was my gut. I believe I had IBS (irritable bowel symdrome). I never went back to the doctor so this is my diagnosis of the symptoms that I had. My gut would feel funny (I called the five minute warning) and I would have to find a bathroom fast. Every store I went to I knew where the restroom was just in case. Further research was done to find out that Autistic children are glutathione deficient and their gut problems diminished after going gluten free. Hummmmm I pondered this for about 1 day and decided to minimize my gluten and test the foods I did eat to see what reactions I would have. I no longer eat standard breads or pastas. I can eat rye bread and one bun with unbleached white bread for my hamburgers. (I love my food, sorry.) I can also eat the pasta that is labeled semolina pasta. Don't understand why but I can but I do not overdo it. I have been reading labels for 2 years now and I am pretty much (money is a little tight) all natural foods, frozen veggies, etc. As of one year ago I am now totally symptom free. Wohoo! My only problem is that I know I will never be 100% ever again. I do have energy level problems so I do everything in moderation. I have to take a power nap every afternoon. I lost 35 - 40 lbs of muscle mass so I can't do some of the strenuous things I used to. But the upside is that my allergic responses to seasonal pollens are next to non-existant. No flu or colds (this was a concern of mine). Over all with my auto-immune issue it is all under control and people are amazed that I ever had RA and was 95% disabled. This is my story. Do your own research. If your doctor will not test for glutathione deficiency (warning: they will not) ask them to test for magnesium deficiency. Glutathione deficiency goes hand in hand with magnesium deficiency. Foot note: Glutathione supplements do not work because the body does not absorb the glutathione. The best way is to get the body to produce more. Here is a link that might be useful: Histamine
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    Canine Influenza shot | Dog Flu shot- Now Required for boarding


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    From what I've read the strain of influenza that is affecting most dogs is different from the one in the vaccinations. That leads me to believe the boarding place is probably acting out of fear rather than their educated knowledge. However, as frustrating as that is, I can totally understand it. My dog has been going to the same day care two-three times a week for 4 years now. I know the owners and talk to them often about the business so I can understand the dynamic from both sides. So as upset as you are, if you didn't have that shot requirement and your dog were to get the flu while under their care, would you be upset? And if you also found out there was a flu shot available but dogs weren't required to be vaccinated, what would your response be then? I know what my response would be. That they dropped the ball and didn't act responsibly to protect my pet. From that perspective, I think it is good that they are doing what they feel is needed to protect themselves as well as all the dogs in their care. I know that doesn't help you with the added costs, but have you considered hiring a pet sitter to care for your dogs instead? We had cats and birds as well as our dog to board and it was WAY too expensive. Instead we turned to a pet sitting site where we were able to interviewed several people and find a wonderful woman to care for our pets. We boarded the dog, but she fed our cats and birds twice a day at a fraction of the cost. The arrangement was perfect because we didn't have to up root our pets and they still had human contact while we were gone. She did a wonderful job and we actually became friends. The site we used was Good Luck!
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    Senior dosage flu shots


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    I got mine today... when I called the grocery store pharmacy to see if I needed an appt she said no. I asked if they were busy with people wanting them she said yes. I told her I was coming on my lunch hour, so she took my info over the phone to help expedite me when I got there. Nice! Anyhow, she said she had to ask me a delicate question... how old am I? I didn't ask why she was asking, but thanks to this post, this is probably why! I laughed to myself about the "delicate" question - I'll tell anybody my age, but I was afraid it might be how much do you weigh? Now that's a delicate question!
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    PSA about flu shots


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    I know a paraplegic who passed on a few days after he was given the flu shot last year in a local nursing home. He had been living in the home approx. 20 years and was about 38 years old. Another resident told me her husband was sick for weeks after being given the flu shot. Ditto re: my aunt. What i do, is simply go on my personal anti-flu regimen, such as gabapentin & high-lysine diet. Minimizing EMFs, sodium, garlic & spices. Blocking forced-air heat vents and resorting to oil-filled radiator. Eating french toast, eggs, syrupy-pancakes, soda crackers, yogurt, veggies, yams, organic honey, chewing-gum, creamy milk chocolate, and mints. Basically starchy, sweet, lysine foods. Also teas such as black cherry-berry tea or jasmine green tea with honey, cane-sugar or stevia.
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  • ghoghunter
    9 years ago

    You can certainly get a reaction to any immunization. They stimulate your immune system into forming antibodies and so can mimic mild symptoms of the illness they are designed to prevent. Unless you have an allergy to the immunization the symptoms they cause are usually way much better than getting the illness. Most people get mild soreness at the site and aches and pains..fever is also possible. The tetnus shot often causes side effects but consider dying of tetnus...that is an godawful disease with a very high fatality rate even with modern treatment. Plus the more people who are immunized the less germs are hanging around in the general population so there is less chance of catching it at all..that is called "herd immunity". Everyone should get immunized against the major diseases but unless you are a child it is a personal choice.

  • marilyn_c
    9 years ago

    I have never had a flu shot and never had the flu. Don't plan to start now.

  • tami_ohio
    9 years ago

    Steve I hope you are better! As they still culture the flu shot in egg I won't be getting one. The last time was in high school. My arm swelled so bad I couldn't wear my coat. I have since found out I am allergic to egg yolks.

  • lisa_fla
    9 years ago

    I've only gotten a flu shot the last couple of years. No problem so far! Now whooping cough is making a comeback. Rates are supposed to be the highest in the past 50 years. I am pretty certain DD(19) and I had it in September. In other parts of the world they refer to it as the 100 day cough. Its part of the tetanus shot (the P in DPT) and many adults don't keep tetanus shots updated unless they cut themselves.

  • jennmonkey
    9 years ago

    Yeah, no matter how many times I've been told that by doctors and nurses that the flu shots can't make you sick, I've talked to so many people that have become super sick after getting it. A friend of mine's father ended up in the hospital he got so sick.

    I've never had a flu shot and I never plan on getting one either. I feel like I'd be taking a chance either way so I'll just take my chance on the flu.

  • kayjones
    9 years ago

    Yep - flu shots are a bad deal, imho - never have had one and never will.

  • chisue
    9 years ago

    My DH and I have had flu shots for many years without having any negative reactions. We've both had the pneumonia vaccine, and most recently, the (whatever they call the DPT now). We've both had the vaccine against shingles too; no troubles.

    I have COPD. Can't risk any lung complications. I don't want to 'get' sick, and I don't want to 'pass it along' either.

    Sorry to hear of anyone's bad reactions to an immunization!

  • jannie
    9 years ago

    I had a reaction one year, quit getting them, but I resumed a few years ago. My current doctor gave me the okay to get a flu shot, which is free at several pharmacies nearby.

  • Lily316
    9 years ago

    I get the flu shot every year and never had a reaction to them...ever. In Sept I had the flu shot plus a tetanus the same day. Zero reaction from either, not even a sore arm. The two times I had the flu , I wished I was dead, so I always get one.

  • ruthieg__tx
    9 years ago

    I'm with Lily316 on this one...I had the flue once and don't ever want it again so I take my chances.

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX
    9 years ago

    My husband and I both have had very severe bad reactions to the flu shot and will no longer take them, some people are very lucky I think and don't react badly but there are a LOT of people who do have very serious reactions. My new doctor started with me since I have diabetes and several auto immune disorders which weakens my immune system because I have to take so many immune suppressing meds. No way will I take another flu shot ever and I explained it to him and he agree I was not a good candidate if you have ever had a bad reaction he said it is best to not take them.

    A man that works in my husbands building got the flu shot and got extremely sick, came to work and everyone in the place got sick, in fact we think that is where we got this never ending illness we are trying to get rid of.

    For those that don't react be happy but know that some of us do have a legit negative reaction. I have been laughed at by several people when I say I have had a negative reaction then they proceed to tell me how impossible that is. Pretty rude behavior for an adult and to top it off they are wrong!

  • katlan
    9 years ago

    I feel very lucky that I've never had any reaction to the flu shot. I have asthma and extreme allergies, I don't want to get the flu. I have heard that it is horrendously awful. Maybe I'm used to shot or something since I get allergy shots every month.

    My arm was a little sore from the flu shot, but not more so than when I get the allergy shots. Some people are really good at giving shots, others....not so much. I've had both, haha.

    Anyone know what the recommendations are for whooping cough immunization? Did we get this immunization as a kid, and it's still good?

  • cat_ky
    9 years ago

    My medical records say in big red letters, that I must never get a flu shot. The one I had, came very close to ending my life several years ago. I am also allergic to almost every antibiotic and that is in big green letters. Luckily, I dont have any major health problems for my age.

  • sylviatexas1
    9 years ago

    My point wasn't that I could choose between becoming deathly ill from a tetanus shot or dying from tetanus;
    my point was that the doctor told me something that was devastatingly untrue.

    You *can* get very very sick from a tetanus vaccine.

    One of my loan officer friends is the one who went into a coma;
    she told me that she stopped by the doctor's office for a regular visit, her doctor asked when she had had a tetanus shot, & she couldn't remember, so he gave her one...
    & she woke up in the hospital 2 days later where her mother had been keeping vigil.

  • jemdandy
    9 years ago

    I got my flu shot yesterday and had little to no reaction. A few hours after the injection, I felt a tinge of coming down with the flu and that soon passed.

    Flu shots usually work for me except for the times they miss guessing the strain that will become active. When I do get a flu, it will be like in March or April when a new strain may circulate. I'll take the shot. There has been too many times that I've had a very bad bouts with flu.

  • marilyn_c
    9 years ago

    Sylvia, one of my horse vets told me years ago that he would never get a tetanus shot. His friend, a farrier did, and died. That is just about the only immunization I have gotten in recent years, and probably wouldn't have done that except I stayed at my friend's house for four months this past winter and several of her raccoons died from lockjaw! I am extremely accident prone, plus always getting bit by animals. (I think it was right after I had that bad donkey bite that I got the tetanus shot.) So if it had the pertussis vaccine in it, I got vaccinated for that. Other than that, I have never had any vaccinations. I am never sick and I haven't had as much as a cold in at least 15 years. Never any sinus infections, no allergies. I don't worry about getting sick. My dad always said a horse would kill me some day, and that is what I worry about.

  • secsteve
    Original Author
    9 years ago

    Thanks all. I'm feeling better now.

    I should have followed by instincts and not gotten the blasted thing no matter what the doctor recommended. Believe me, I won't be getting it next year! Last night really had George worried as he's never seen me that bad.

  • sylviatexas1
    9 years ago

    'My dad always said a horse would kill me some day, and that is what I worry about.'

    Well, stop that!

    Our minds are more complicated than our brains can understand, & in a crisis or emergency, that 'worry' might cost you a split second that you need.

    A friend of mine says that when he finds himself thinking negative or self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts, he says "Cancel cancel cancel".

    I think that sounds like a newspaper subscription, so I say "erase erase erase".

    much more reasonable...

  • chisue
    9 years ago

    Sylvia -- How about "delete, delete, delete"? lol

  • kittiemom
    9 years ago

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad reaction. I've been getting them since I was in college & have never had any problems. Same for DH. DH had the flu once when we forgot to get our shots. He was terribly sick & doesn't usually get sick.

  • susanjf_gw
    9 years ago

    had the best shot ever, and at sam's club! usually have had a sore arm for a week or so but not this time!

  • drewsmaga
    9 years ago

    Glad you're better, secsteve! I have never gotten a flu shot. I had the flu when I was 37 (I'm 62.) When I was 22 I had a BAD reaction to a tetanus shot. Twelve years later, when I was in ER for a wound that involved rust and lake water, they wanted to give me a tetanus booster, but declined because of my history and told me to go to my Doc for gamma globulin injection series, blah, blah, blah, which I didn't do. I didn't have a tetanus shot for 40 yrs. 6 months ago, anticipating the birth of our grandson and with whooping cough cropping up in our area, I had to get the pertussis vaccine. But it only comes as DPT, which includes tetanus. I got super scrutinized/followed through after that, but had no problem. WHEW! I could have gone into anaphylactic shock. WHEW! I'm still passing on the flu shot, and the shingles shot. I'll take my chances. . . .

  • cynic
    9 years ago

    I can't help but break out laughing when people think something like I get flu shots and didn't get the flu, therefore the flu shot kept me from getting the flu. How ridiculous! No wonder the "Nigerian Generals" and telemarketers can scam people so easily!

    I have never had a flu shot in my life until last year and last year I got the flu for probably the second time in my life! Now what does THAT tell you! LOL

    Last year with the medical issues I thought it might be good to get the shot. I SO regret getting it. I too had a reaction for well over a week and still wound up getting the flu.

    People buy into this myth that getting a flu shot means you cannot get the flu. That myth has been busted so many times but people still want to believe it much like the $250 cookie recipe.

  • pekemom
    9 years ago

    I get the flu shot every year, this year the pneumonia shot too (turned 65). Unfortunately sometimes I get sick, usually
    around February, with something that was not covered by the flu shot!

  • sjerin
    9 years ago

    The vast majority of people have no reaction from a flu shot. Several years ago I had the flu and a fever for eleven stinkin' days. I'm religious about it now. Sure, they can miss a strain, but what's wrong with protecting yourself against those they include? If you live a more sheltered life you may not see the need, but if you are out and about, and especially if you work with vulnerable populations, I think it behooves you to get one, unless you have an allergy to the ingredients in the flu shot.

  • joyfulguy
    9 years ago

    Have got them for years, have missed a few.

    Got mine at the doc's the other day.

    Have never had any negative reaction at all.

    My body is my best friend, I guess: sure spoils me.

    o j

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    My medical history: ragweed allergy, nothing else, in my 50's. Got a flu shot recently on Dec. 19 at Sam's club for $14. A week later, starting Dec 27, I'm having the WORST reaction to the flu-shot I took a week ago (takes more than a week for antibodies to build-up). The past 2 days have been hell, worse than any flu or cold: vertigo, dizziness, which many people also report after a flu shot.

    I should had listened to what a friend e-mailed me: "My Dad usually gets the flu shot--I think he got it this year. I'm suspicious of them. They always made me sick--not as sick as the flu, though. I don't like that they mix viruses, either, as viruses can exchange & recombine genetic material."

    My neighbor warned me about that, how she & her daughter (a nurse) have tingling in their ears after the flu-shot. I took the flu shot last Sat. ... it takes more than a week for antibodies to build up. For the past 2 days, that affected the equilibrium in my ears, I get extremely dizzy when I lie down, with vertigo (ceiling rotating). Just horrible !!

    That's worse than the real flu !! I also feel so nauseated and vomited for the last 2 days ... at first I thought it's bad food-combo, but I checked the internet and many others have the same problem with flu vaccine. I'm having a low-grade fever, loss of appetite, tummy ache.

    If anyone gets dizzy easily, flu-shot may not be the best. Vertigo is the worst thing anyone could have, it's like getting off from a roller-coaster every time I get up, or lay my head down. When I change my head position, I feel nauseated and want to throw up.

    Now I remember that happened when I got the flu shot 10 years ago ... I was so dizzy when I lied down & lost 5 lbs. from that flu-shot and had vertigo for more than a week. Nurses are reporting that they get vertigo (extreme dizziness) for months after the flu-shot, see below link:

  • ont_gal
    6 years ago

    Had the flu shot about 15 yrs ago-darn near died-turns out if you have an egg allergy,you definitely should NOT get the more for me,for sure

  • lily316
    6 years ago

    I get one every year for decades and never has a reaction including this year in October 2. I also had a pneumonia shot. No side affects except a sore arm for half a day. As I said in the above post. , the two cases of flu I had were worse than death for me.

  • linda_6
    6 years ago

    My DH gets one every year with no problems. Me - No way. I don't like needles and have refused to get one. Especially reading about maybe getting dizzy. I've been dizzy enough until they took me off my high blood pressure pills.

  • pekemom
    6 years ago

    One year we got our flu shots at a clinic, and AFTER she gives me the shot she says "you're not allergic to eggs, are you?".....uh, fortunately no...

  • Suzieque
    6 years ago

    I've heard many people call a cold "the flu". Getting cold doesn't mean one has the flu ... the flu is very specific and very different from a cold, even a bad cold.

    In my case, regarding flu shots, I do get one and have never had a reaction. But I don't necessarily it kept me from getting the flu; I imagine that I probably just wasn't exposed to it. And getting a flu shot certainly won't prevent a cold.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I'm barely alive after my flu shot this Dec. 18: still sick with vertigo .. I bleed in my right ear, and my nose is bleeding right now. I'm having a low-grade fever for weeks, it's a terrible ordeal to lie down and get up (get really dizzy when I change head position). I am NOT allergic to eggs whatsoever, but I am allergic to ragweed, so I don't recommend flu-shot for anyone with allergies. Some testimonies from NURSES who get sick after the flu-shot in the MD junction web-site:

    "Juliaann, I am also a fellow Nurse, and I had my usual jab of the flu vaccine this year, after I suddenly developed this tinnitus and nystagmus and dizziness. . As far as I know, there had been known cases of people who has had Guillain Barre syndrome who had the flu vaccine that had a recurrence of the GB virus attacking their symptoms again."

    " I recently saw my ENT doctor and he said that the vertigo attacks after flu vaccine are a typical response he sees in patients that have a CNS related vertigo. He feels it is b/c the vaccine briefly overwhelms the immune system and the immune response results in the vertigo. He said since I've had this reaction twice now and my feet have been tingling ever since,"

    " I really believe the shingles vaccine triggered my MD after forty six years in remission. No doubt it compromised my immune system.Gail"

    " Im 45 and every year my doctors highly suggested I get a flu vaccine and every time I would get vertigo from it, lasting up to 6 months."

    " I work in a hospital and this year my options were to take the shot or wear a mask from October thru March during patient care. I took the shot and have been miserable for the last two weeks with migraines, sore neck pain and now vertigo for the last four days. I can't do my job if I have vertigo .. My father had Meniere's disease and I don't want to suffer like he did."

  • pekemom
    6 years ago

    Although we get flu shots every year we usually still get some kind of lousy illness between Dec and Feb with feeling very sick and vomiting...I'm told that's not the flu (and we don't have a reaction to the flu shot, which we usually get in Oct)...Whatever the stomach thing is I wish they had a vaccine for that...last Christmas we had family from several states come to visit and most of us got sick...

  • marilyn_c
    6 years ago

    I get tired of the doctor asking me if I have had my flu shot, so I have learned to lie. I say "yes, I got it at the pharmacy." It makes him happy and I am not bugged any more about not taking a flu shot. I know it isn't nice to lie but they won't let it I tell them I have had it and they make a note of it, and that is the end of the subject.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thank you, everyone, for your honest opinion of flu shot. Allergic reaction get worse in later life. 1st flu shot when my daughter was 3: lost 5 lbs, mild dizziness for a few days (no pain nor suffering). Ten years later, 2nd flu shot now: extreme vertigo, weeks long fever, bleeding ear and nose, tingling of feet, worst than any flu or cold that I ever had !! As we get older, our immune system can't handle things like it used to.

    I ate peanut-butter daily for decades, no problems whatsoever. Now my whole body breaks out in rash after 1 week of peanut-butter ... bright red hives. One of my older sister ate pecans for her whole life (zero problems) ... but as she gets older she developed an allergic reaction to pecans.

    Someone might be OK with a flu shot like I was 10 years ago .. but as I get older (54 year old) my immune system isn't as strong as when I was 10 years younger. Prevention Magazine had an article on birth order determines the health status of a person. My oldest sister has zero problems with flu-shot ... she was born when both of my parents were young & healthy with vigorous eggs & sperm. But I'm the youngest of 9 girls, my Mom had me when she was much older, so my immune system isn't as good as my older siblings .. I have lots of allergies, while they don't.

    Also what the Mom eats during pregnancy determine the health status of her child, and how vigorous the child's immune system is.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Google "vertigo and flu shot" and there are many people reporting getting dizzy within 3 weeks of flu-shot. It takes up to 3 weeks to develop antibodies, and that's the time-frame that dizziness occurs. My dizziness occured within 6 days, much sooner than others. NEVER HAVE SUCH DIZINESS IN MY 54 YEARS, such as ceiling spinning while getting up, extreme nausea.

    Some excerpt from a health-board message:

    "...found an answer to someone's
    question online...can flu shot cause neurological illness (she developed
    prickling over her face, vertigo, memory problems after the flu

    Doc responded:
    "Vaccines stimulate the immune system, and
    because of this can serve as the trigger to set off an immunologically mediated
    neurological illness.
    Some people for instance have their first attack of
    multiple sclerosis after a flu shot or sore throat
    , and there are some other
    neurological illnesses that can be confused with MS (such as acute disseminated
    encephalomyelitis) which can be triggered by vaccines
    and other immunological
    stimuli. The vaccine cannot and does not itself attack the nervous system or
    "cause" directly any known neurological condition, including multiple
    sclerosis"...goes on to say it is like some kind of autoimmune

    Read more:

  • junebug1961
    6 years ago

    I've gotten a flu shot every year since 1997, when I had a case of the flu that I seriously believed was going to end my life. I had fever for several days in a row, and chest pain that went clear through to my back. I had to make a couple of urgent care visits before the whole thing was over.

    Most folks don't get reactions to the flu shot...but I suppose people can get allergic reactions at any time during their life. I just discovered an adult onset case of shellfish allergy (the hard way!) three weeks ago.

    Pekemom, at my pharmacy we are required to fill out a questionnaire before receiving the shot, asking for a list of our allergies, illnesses, etc. Your clinic sounds pretty inept!

  • joyfulguy
    6 years ago

    At the cancer clinic a few weeks ago, there was a notice that said that if we hadn't had the flu shot, we should put on a mask. Didn't see any and didn't ask, but tried to get out as soon as possible.

    I used to get it from my doc, but he's retired, but flu shots offered at several pharmacies, I got one at the pharm. in a grocery that I visit.

    No reaction, as always.

    ole joyfuelled

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    People don't know that there are many different types of flu-shot made by different companies, and some are safe, some aren't. I got the FLUVIRIN brand, but YOU MAY GET SOME OTHER BRAND MADE BY A DIFFERENT COMPANY.


    I got most of the side-effects listed on Sam's club pharmacy receipt: burning numbness, very bad dizziness, very bad headache, muscle pain, upset stomach, throwing up, loose stools. Reading through all the threads in Houzz, I found one 58 year old previously active & healthy Dad died of flu-shot, lots of people complain of catching a cold right after the flu shot ... so bad that they never get a flu shot again.

    Just avoiding sugar is cheaper than getting a flu-shot, since sugar is known to suppress the immune system. "In the book "Get The Sugar Out" by Ann Louise Gittleman M.S. C.N.S says, "No matter what form it takes, sugar paralyzes the immune system in a variety of ways: Sugar has been proven to destroy the germ-killing ability of white blood cells for up to five hours after ingestion.

    People don't realize that Google News, which constantly remind people to get flu-shot, is funded by vaccine maker, same with CDC, and same with doctors (wine & dined by pharma companies). Excerpt on flu-shot from below link:

    "Plus ALL vaccines depress your immune system functioning for up to several weeks, which means you are FAR more susceptible to flu varieties for which you have not been vaccinated. So you might be looking at bronchitis, upper respiratory infection or a stomach bug…which you might NOT have contracted if you DIDN’Tget a flu shot."

    Plus vaccinations inject proteins directly into your bloodstream and this is not good ... shooting full-blown proteins into your blood vessels with a vaccine (and bypassing the GI tract) puts your immune system on high alert and can eventually elicit inappropriate immune responses.

    That’s why many people find themselves developing asthma or allergies when they never had a problem with them in the past!"

    *** From Straw: My doc-sister also warned me of suppressed immune system. My doc-sister who got flu-shot yearly is the only one in the family with asthma. I developed an allergic reaction to peanuts after my flu-shot a decade ago, along with 1 week of dizziness.

    Same with my kid when she was given flu-shot when she was between 1 and 2 year-old, she developed 2 colds within a month of each other, plus vertigo. We have to rock her to sleep, the minute we put her down (change in position cause vertigo), she would screamed in pain. She could no longer do roll-over after the flu-shot, and dropped out of gymnastic the 1st day. She also developed a peanut-butter allergy.

    Both I and my husband got the same flu-shot, but he's OK, while I came down with suppressed immune system, and caught 2 flu in a row, making it month-long suffering. Also he's 6 feet, while I'm only 4'10", perhaps the dose was too strong for my size.

    So my 2 flu-in-a row is A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE OF FLU-SHOT, my M.D. sister already warned me about flu-shot suppress immune system, but she believed in the LIE posted by CDC website and recommended me to get the shot. I haven't seen the doc in 9 years (we have good insurance), since I'm healthy & active. I'm seeing the doc this Wednesday. Never been that sick in my life, thanks to that shot on Dec. 19.

    In Are US Flu Death Figures More Public Relations than Science?, an aptly named article in the British Journal of Medicine, the author reports:

    “[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”1

    Do you see what the CDC did?

    1. They combined both Influenza and Pneumonia deaths so as to inflate the numbers and make it look like more of a problem than it was.
    2. They estimated what the flu related deaths are and did not report on the actual number, which was 18.

    Fact #2: The statistics that the CDC throws around regarding death from influenza are grossly exaggerated. Furthermore, much of the research out there has been funded by the vaccine makers.

    Not only this, but the Journal of Virology found the immune systems of children who have been vaccinated against seasonal flu strains are weakened, making them more susceptible to becoming infected with flu strains not included in the vaccine. T cells are essential for immunity. This study found that the T cell response was absent in the vaccinated children.

    Fact #5: The flu shot may help you avoid some strains of the flu virus, but it will also likely decrease your ability to fight off other strains of the flu virus.

    They reported an 8.5% flu risk for those who had been vaccinated and an 8.9% risk for those who have been unvaccinated along with other infections.

    Vaccine inserts, they range from mild to severe. Some of the fairly common side effects include: pain (64%), fever (29%), fatigue (20%), headaches (26%), nausea/vomiting (12%), runny nose/nasal congestion, (58%), decreased appetite, (21%).

    Fact #8: Millions more people are getting the flu vaccine, but there is no evidence that there has been a decrease in flu related mortality. In fact, it appears the more people get the vaccine, the higher the death rates become in the elderly.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Dizziness is the #1 complaint from the nurses' forum after flu-shot. I informed my 70 year old neighbor who has bad vertigo. She thanks me profusely for my info., she will stop yearly flu-shot to see that help.

    A friend from Texas, sent me this today "I asked my Dad if he had received the flu shot, he said yes. He had 2 violent dizzy spells yesterday & nearly fainted. I've suggested that getting the shot annually may not be the best idea-- The year Mom died, she had been in the hospital & as she was being discharged they gave her the flu shot--my skin was crawling when they said that. Within a week she was so bad off the nurses at the nursing home were dropping suggestions that we "let her die", etc. She couldn't/wouldn't eat, was very unresponsive. I always wondered about that damned shot--whether that nearly killed her." Karen in Texas.

    *** From Straw: Agree with Karen that flu-shot contributed to her Mom's short-life. Within a week of my flu shot in Dec. 19, I could not eat until 4 pm, the next day, I could not eat until 2 pm, and for the rest of the month, I barely eat & losing weight fast. My last flu shot (10 years ago), I lost 5 lbs. and was 97 lbs (1-week vertigo). Vertigo is worse than fever and coughing. Honestly I rather die than get a flu shot again.

    People who take flu shot yearly gamble with their health, you don't know what new mix of virus they include in the new shot, what new brand, or new manufacturer ...

  • Embothrium
    6 years ago

    Last night on the TV news there was an item about a young girl who died suddenly of the flu. Her mother had not had her vaccinated.

  • acadiafun1
    6 years ago

    I am required by my employer to get a yearly flu shot. So many of my co-workers have gotten ill within 12 to 24 hours of the shot. Last year when there was a surplus of the vaccine near the end of the flu season the CDC and County Health Department were encouraging corporations to push the vaccine. My daughter (Human Resources) was going to strongly encourage her employees to become vaccinated. I educated her that it was nearly the end of flu season and IMHO the government was trying to use up the surplus vaccine with no great benefit to the community. She didn't push it to her employees.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thank you, acadiafun1 ... yes, side-effects happen to health workers too. My elderly neighbor get flu shot with her daughter, a nurse. Both said their ears "ring", and their ears don't feel right. There are a dozen variety of flu-shots, made by different companies, didn't know that until I reported with CDC vaccine-side-effect-web.

    After my month-long sickness with flu-shot taken on Dec. 19, I went to the PA (physician assistant) on Jan 20. He checked my ears and found the right ear blocked, same with the left ear. When the cold virus attacks the body, it inflames the Eustachian tube. Some info. from Mayo clinic: "With plugged ears, your eustachian tubes — which run between the middle of your ears and the back of your nose — become obstructed. You may experience a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ears. You may also have ear pain, dizziness and muffled hearing. As swelling from the cold subsides, the obstruction usually resolves."

    My experience is very much like what the below doc. went through:

    " Dr Young, 33, started an otherwise ordinary day with a mild sore throat and a runny nose – like he was coming down with a cold. However, by the third evening, he started to feel light-headed and awoke the following morning with severe vertigo. He felt as if the room was spinning around him.

    “For the first two days after the vertigo set in, I couldn’t eat, drink, turn my head or even move my eyes from side to side without vomiting or feeling the room spin around me,” he said. It turns out that Dr Young had labyrinthitis, a condition where the labyrinth (the inner ear) is inflamed and not functioning normally. Dr Young, an infectious disease specialist from Britain who works at a local hospital, self-medicated with vestibular suppressants and anti-emetics. These are prescription drugs to suppress dizziness and nausea. “But they had little effect." he said.

    “The acute vertigo usually lasts from a few days to two weeks. As it resolves, the patient experiences slight imbalance or unsteadiness while walking. This rehabilitation phase may last for one or two months.The hearing function may or may not fully recover. The recovery period is fastest during the first month but the patient may still recover up to six months after the onset of the disease,” said Dr Tan.

    Labyrinthitis is often spontaneous and idiopathic but can occur after a cold, flu or upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). “These infections don’t usually affect the inner ear. More often, in URTIs, the middle ear is affected when bacteria and nasal secretions pass through the eustachian tubes to the middle ear causing fluid accumulation. A bad middle ear infection can lead to the spread of infection to the brain, or in rare cases, labyrinthitis as well,” said Dr Tan.

    **** From Straw, the P.A. who examined my ears recommended an MRI of the brain (magnetic resonance imaging scan) to show the inflammation. The cost? $1,000. I said, "NO, I suffered enough with the flu shot, I'm going to rinse my ears with hydrogen peroxide". I went home, fill a glass-dropper with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed my left ear. That cleared out completely. The right ear which bled, I had to rinse it 3 times with hydroxide peroxide ... and my vertigo went away !! I was able to stretch my head backward in all directions. Hydrogen peroxide kills all three: bacteria, fungi, and virus.

    As of today, one month after the flu shot, I lost 5 lbs, I lost my voice, coughed up phlegm constantly. The flu shot protects one against 3 to 4 virus-strains in the shot, but it depresses the immune system, so people are more susceptible to other infections, be it many other mutated virus, stomach flu, bronchitis, to ear infection.

    I NEVER have an ear infection since I was a baby !! NEVER have ear infection with my other cold/flu in my 54 life.

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks to constant urging from Google News (sponsored by vaccine companies) that we need shots .. I fell for the urgent sales pitch. We didn't get any shots for over a decade. Prior to this, I went through 7 years 2006-2013 without any flu or cold, then our entire family caught a flu in 2014 (family stress & lack of sleep), then I went through another year, 2015 without any cold/flu until I come down with the nastiest flu ever, a week after the flu shot on Dec 19 .. this was during a happy, successful, well-slept year.

    If someone get flu-shot yearly, there's a cumulative accumulation of toxic metals: mercury and aluminum. They make new combo of virus strains for every year, my sister was fine with yearly flu shot, until one year she got terribly sick for 2 weeks. This country should learn from Britain:

    "Vials of batch flu vaccine produced by British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) were found to contain upwards of 51 parts per million of mercury, or 25,000 times the legal maximum for drinking water established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Learn more:

    Here's an excerpt from a British site:

    "GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is in the news again making headlines after having to settle another major lawsuit bringing the latest total to over $9.1 billion since 2003. This time, it is due to GSK’s product Pandemrix, which was the swine flu vaccine forced upon the public during the pandemic of 2009 (which is argued by some to have been fake). As the victims are being compensated in the U.K., the same neurological mechanisms that damaged the children in the lawsuit are still potentially at work in the confirmed excitotoxicity that takes place after many vaccine injections.

    According to the International Business Times U.K. Edition, each of the victims is “expected to receive £1 million each.” Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times (U.K.):Read more:

    "Mercury is known to cause serious harm, especially to fetuses and children because of their smaller size," said Lisa Sykes, president of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD), a non-profit group dedicated to removing mercury from medicine. "Why remove Thimerosal from pediatric vaccines only to inject it into pregnant women and children with recommended flu shots? They removed Thimerosal from other vaccines, so it should also be removed from flu shots."

    The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil. Marking the sixth major study in recent months to condemn the use of mercury in medicine, the new study reveals that mercury causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults.

    Learn more:

  • strawchicago z5
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    People believe "BIG & biased sources like CDC (center for disease control) which twisted facts just to scare folks into getting flu-shot. CDC lumped pneumonia and flu-deaths together, making it AS IF thousands of people die of flu per year, while it's pneumonia that kill folks, and less than 100 actual flu-deaths. Pneumonia can be from any diseases: old age & other illness' complications, common cold, etc. Vaccine-companies with big money can exert tremendous influence, esp. on google news, which kept reminding people to get flu-shots.

    My flu-shot was at Sam's club on Dec. 19, 2015, which I kept the receipt listing side-effects for FLUVIRIN .. I got most: vertigo (dizziness), vomiting, muscle pain. There are a dozen flu-shots made by different companies, they are different from each other in the amount of mercury & preservatives. One can have a flu-shot reaction, with months-long allergic reaction like my case.

    Medical expenses run over $1,000 with countless doc's visits, labs, and chest-X-rays. Since Dec. 26, a week after the flu-shot, it's months-long vertigo. coughing, bloody ear and nose, now pneumonia. I went to an ENT (ear & nose & throat) specialist, plus hearing test, and my right ear is still inflamed.

    The nurse called me yesterday Feb, 9: I have pneumonia. I'm on DOXY-CYCLINE, 100 mg, for 10 days, then more chest X-ray. It has been months-long of coughing, blocked ears and dizziness, can't drive for more a month, per PA's order.

    People think that flu-shot makes the immune system stronger .. NO. My sister, the retired M.D. told me that flu-shot suppress the immune system for weeks afterwards, so people are more susceptible to getting sick AFTER the flu-shot.

    Facts on flu-shot from about Health .. why put your health in the hands of few people who decide what strains of virus should go into the flu-shot ?? that doesn't boost one's immune system, only protects against a few strains that the experts "think" would inflict damage on you, what about the cumulative effects of mercury?

    "The flu shot does not protect against:

    The flu shot does provide protection against the specific strain of the flu that researchers believe will be causing illnesses that season for most people. Every year, the flu virus mutates and changes; therefore, new vaccines have to be made and administered each season."

    *** From StrawChicago: what I learn from this ordeal? Truth is found where people get zero profits for writing, such as forums. I read through Healthline forum, or Nurses' forum, or Houzz forums ... for every 10 people who say flu-shot is great with them, there's 1 or 2 who report terrible side-effects & got really sick. CDC can't decide what's best for everyone's health, since everyone is different.

    Mass-brain-washing, or propaganda can't be effective if there are forums like this where people are free to report their honest experiences, regardless of what the "medical experts" wrongly prescribed to the mass: such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy for women, leading to cancers), or unnecessary CT scans that raise caner risks.

    John Silva · Works at Retired

    wife got flu shot 2 days
    later left arm sore hand swollen went to hospital got predizone 3days later
    swollen went down hearing loss in left ear went to e n t doctor nerve damage in
    ear adoctor said all from flu shot he has 3 other patients same problem now has
    hearing loss in ear will not get flu shot again any one else with same problem.

    Dorothy Blue

    I had double vision after
    shot and now have fluid on my retina and will need shots in my eye. Eye doctor
    says this happens in some people after flu shot.

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