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Wow, a free Keurig coffee maker!

10 years ago

My daughter answered her door in Los Angeles this morning. A package was at her feet and the UPS man was leaving. On the large box, it said it was a gift for her. She had seen the ads on tv saying to keep a look out at your doorway. Well, it is a new Keurig K cup brewer. The package included various kinds of Kcups--tea, coffee and cocoa and coupons. She is going to brew the cocoa when her 1st grader gets home from school this afternoon.

The truck left her house and pulled up in front of her next door neighbor. I guess they targeted her neighborhood.

I also think they can tell who has one of these coffee makers by following the computer print outs of your shopping receipts.

Now she is trying to figure out which brand of KCup coffee is mildest. We know not to buy the Starbucks brand.

She was so excited. She said she never wins anything.

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