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Oh, my, I've never seen anything like this before

12 years ago

DH and I were driving down a relatively rural road, on our way to the country house late this afternoon. I saw a bunch of cars/vans, etc parked along the side of the road and immediately assumed someone was having a party. As we pulled even with the house, the sight I saw was so unusual, so unexpected, I honestly couldn't process it for several seconds. There was a small Piper plane crashed nose-first into a small car parked in front of the home. Plane was sticking up at an odd angle.

I've never actually SEEN a plane crash before, in person, in real life. Just images on TV or newspaper, etc. It was a pretty intense scene. When we got here, I looked online and discovered that the pilot walked away with just minor injuries--luckily--and no one else was hurt.

Here is a link that might be useful: News Photo

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