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I thought we lost our 'Miss Kitty'

12 years ago

She had been gone for a couple days. Last time I saw her I saw that her ear was hanging down. I figured she had gotten into a fight.

Today I was outside sweeping the porch and saw something zip past my back side. I turn to look and there she was.

We got to looking at her ear...It was swollen up over an inch thick. I told Denny I was taking her to the vet. (Didn't tell him how much it cost though...)

She has a Cauliflower ear.

Dr. said she has ear mites and got the ear from flipping her ears. He gave me meds for the mites and charged me $80.00.

Isn't there a cheaper treatment for that?

He wants to do surgery on the ear. But I can't afford $358.00 for something that is just cosmetic on a cat that adopted me. I'm giving her a place to stay warm in the winter and lots of loving and food. That's the best I can do. 358.00 for lancing an ear is outragious to me.

Call me cruel, but can't you just heat a needle and poke it quickly? That's what we used to do to smashed fingers that had blood swelling up under the nail bed.

I'm going to lock her up in the big dog kennel (one of those wire ones, that a St.Bernard would fit in. And put a box and blankie and littler box in night so the other cats don't bother her.

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