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started construction

14 years ago

After alot of decissions we have now started our construction. When the walls came done we found our "hidden surprises". The flush header i wanted between the kitchen and dining area will not happen. It will be reseased up, but there will be a 2" lip. When the walls where open it turned out the added addition to our house (addition about 35 yrs old) was built 3/4" higher then the base of the house, & the base board plumbing for upstairs followed the header. Instead of moving the baseboard and messing w/ the upstairs I went w/ the partial header. Also found when the upstairs was added they cut into the ceiling joists for the bathroom plumbing.(to the corner of the kitchen) We added the upstairs & thought we highed a "good company" and had inspections and all. Our new contractor said this should have never passed inspections. Anyway he will fix it, but of course there will be a added fee. Anyway. all is gutted and going along fine. I'm told sheetrock should be done be Wen., will see. It is getting cold.

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