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My honed carrara island...sob...

16 years ago

Only 4 months in and I believe my honed carrara island is done for. It was gorgeous and I (and apparently only I) was accepting of the fact that there was going to be some "patina". We have some etchings as our 2 kids eat there, but DH thought he could "scrub them out" - obviously I wasn't there. The light shines in the kitchen and now shows every mark he made - and the etchings. It looks a mess. I think we're swapping it out. Need something to go with the soapstone perimeter counters. The perimeter cabs are creamy white - the island is a nutmeg cherry. I think my only option is granite - don't want BB as we have a prep sink there. Oh, and the room is green. Any ideas of a granite that might look good? Thanks.

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