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How important are dove tailed Drawer joints

16 years ago

we have been looking for cabintes for a few weeks now and recently got a couple of refrences for custom cabinet makers one from a collegue and one from a member here (thanks auntiebubba).

Both of them seem to be good and and the pricng is around the same.One is charging 240 per linear foot with out installation (calculating lowers and uppsers sepeartly. 480 if we combine both as one linear feet) the other is chanring about 285 per liner feet with Installation. So both of them are in the same price range. both of them are for solid maple cabinets will 100% plywood construction. Both have the full extension drawers and softclose feature included.

The one with 240 per linear foot also will give the dovetailed joints and the other are not dove tailed joints. The one with 285 linear feet says that he will give trash pull out, 4 pull out trays, spice racks and cutlrey trays and so on as part of the price per sqfoot. The other one may give trash pull out and cutlery divider but eveything else would be extra. No rollouts/pullouts and so on.

So I am leaning towards the one with 285 with installation. I like the idea of cabinet maker doing the installtion because I feel they will do installtion more carefully and any damage they will take care of it. I am rght there?

So How important are the dovetailed joints? Also is my assumption that cabinet maker will do a better installation right?

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