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Looking for custom cabinet maker in SF Bay Area

13 years ago

I'm looking for a reasonably priced custom cabinet maker in the SF Bay Area (I'm in San Jose). I've been reading on some of the other threads that people have found custom cabinet makers that cost as little as $250 a linear foot, but I haven't found anyone anywhere near this pricing.

The other option I'm considering is getting most of the cabinets from a semi-custom line, and having a few important and non-standard pieces made custom. Of course, even the semi-custom cabinets seem to be pretty pricey.

I checked out Ikea cabinets, which would run around $5k, but they just don't have enough sizes. And the Costco cabinets seem great as well, but they don't carry white.

I've worked out exactly what cabinets I need, and it comes out to:

10 base cabinets

5 wall cabinets

2 full height cabinets (wall oven & pantry)

Is it crazy to hope to get this done for $10k or less?

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