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Help! Kitchen layout help needed.

12 years ago

I am in the midst of finalizing my kitchen cabinet order but I am completely stuck on a couple of areas and would very much welcome any input to help me make my final decisions. I have provided a link to some pictures to help.

1. To the left of my fridge is a pantry. Option 1 is to do a 30' wide pantry with a 16.5' 3 drawer base with a 16.5' glass front upper cabinet. This base can be either 18 inches deep or 24. Option 2 is I do a 36' wide pantry and do away with the 16.5' base/upper combo. My feeling is this, and I would like your thoughts, that option 1 is best but I don't know if it looks too wimpy hanging off the end of the run. I don't want it to look like an after thought, but I do feel that it helps soften that transition. Without it, I feel like the side of the pantry creates a wall. What do you think?

2. I am doing inset cabs and I would love integrated valances at the bottoms of some base cabs. However, I am not sure where to put them. In the pictures I provided, I included valances on the cabinets I THINK they should go on, but they don't show up too well in the program I use. So here is the list where I put them. (I thought the valances looked good on the base cabs that were 24' wide and larger and/or were focal points.)

30' rangetop base cab

30' apron front sink base

28' 3 drawer base on peninsula

36' 3 drawer base on DWO wall

30/36' pantry

30/36' false panel wall (right of fridge)

If anyone can show me their integrated valances, that would be great too, especially since I can't find one picture out there with a similar layout to mine that has valances. Also, if anyone has integrated valances, would you still get them? Are they a pain to clean around? Love, hate?

Thank you in advance for any help your can provide! I greatly appreciate it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kpow Kitchen Pictures

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