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Oven Problems! Have You Baked Ham In Counter Top Roaster?

13 years ago

Has anyone baked their ham in a counter top roaster oven? Any tips you would like to share? The ham is a a pre-cooked ham so it really only needs to be reheated and have the glaze get nice and yummy.

My oven is on its last legs. It is still able to bake thanks to advice from Rhome and others who recommend keeping a baking stone in the oven to help regulate the temperature. However, I can't keep it on for hours or the cooktop controls stop responding. Since other dishes won't need more than 45 minutes or so to cook, I can use the oven for them and still be able to use the burners.

The refrigerator quit working earlier this year and was replaced. The dishwasher quit at Thanksgiving and has now been replaced. My kitchen is telling us it is time to get the remodel finished!

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