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Show me your 24' sink base cabinets

13 years ago

I am searching for a sink to fit in a 24" sink base. I know that it's a small cabinet, but it is what it is and I am stuck with it. I wish I had more inches (insert joke here) but I do not. So I want to see what others have done with small sink cabinets. My current 1940's kitchen has a 22" x 19" D shaped sink and it is plenty big enough. Instead of the D shape, I would love a zero radius rectangular sink but I can't find one for a 24 inch base. I did find a square shaped one but it was only 18" x 18" which is too small. The cabinets I have ordered are beaded inset so that might limit me as they are an inch smaller inside. So, please show me what you've got.

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