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Would you ever have two kitchens in a normal-sized house?

13 years ago

One of the houses I am looking at is c. 1810 (its back on the market) and the kitchen was added in 1965 to a narrow addition at the back/side of the stair ell (only full bath on 2nd level of this addition)

The kitchen addition has left a "yard" that is 3 x 15. No room to expand, really. Some of these houses now have a kitchen and informal dining in the basement. The original cooking fireplace in this house is in the basement. I would prefer to keep the kitchen where it is, but it currently exists as a 28"w refrigerator, a range, a sink, no DW and minimal storage. You could get another kitchen in there that is better but it will still be in a 5 x 14 + a square of low ceilinged space.

Would you ever have a secondary kitchen in the basement that was simply an additional fridge, stove or oven, and sink that was used for overflow baking and heating for bigger dinners and batch baking and such?

I grew up in an area where a number of people had range and fridge in the basement or gargage for canning or things like would be ideal to have everything together, but some of the kitchens on this thread in modern houses, would take up the entire first floor of the historic part of the house. (~14x30 bisected by a masonry wall--the stairs are in a narrow ell off the back of the house)

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