Slab Marble or Subway Tile Backsplash

7 years ago

My kitchen designer is suggesting a marble slab for a backsplash, which would be solid over the range and then cover a portion of the other wall in our kitchen (where a window and the sink is but no cabinets or anything else). I guess one issue I have is the wall over the range is a focal point in the kitchen but not from the dining room or living room's view, in other words I'd be looking at the range from an angle & looking directly at the wall with the sink and window.

I'm thinking maybe it would be better to just use marble subway tile and then we'd have the option of tiling up to the ceiling for the wall with the sink (which will have no cabinets).

I can't decide. I *think* the slab will be a lot more expensive. He has an estimate of $8,000 which includes install for the slab. My husband says the marble will be more "impressive" but he doesn't care much either way. I haven't priced marble tile. Our plan is to look at some slabs this weekend and then decide.

As for budget, well we're already over what we thought we'd spend, but if the slab is a great feature I'd be swayed to do it.

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