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Are you afraid to let your cleaning lady clean your new kitchen?

14 years ago

Okay, I know I'm blessed to have a cleaning lady. She has been helping me for 10 years, but I am nervous about letting her crew loose in the new kitchen. I think they are too tough on finishes-- too much water on the floor, too much bleach, too much scrubbing. I'm considering letting her go-- my kids are old enough to be real helps now, they need to become more capable cleaners, I'll have more control over what products are used, and of course I'll save $. DH thinks I'm crazy, and let me add that when he comes home from work it's the husband hotel, so I don't expect help there (not complaining, I'm home and he works, we have a traditional set-up). Boy, it is nice having a clean house from top to bottom once a week, though. Anybody have thoughts on this?

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