Pls help design a new kitchen for my Lacanche

13 years ago

Sorry this post is so long, but I tried to do my homework first have lurked for years, finally joined last year, and devoured the Read Me First, FKB, FAQ and am TKO! HavenÂt posted much but this is such an incredible resource that I am compelled to ask for help with the layout IÂve been working on for 3 years.

There are three of us  I cook, DH cleans up, 14 year old DS eats! We have breakfast and dinner at the kitchen table; DS also does his homework there. We seldom use the seating at the island for eating, more as a place to perch while reading the mail or for guests to have a drink and nibble while dinner is being finished. We like to entertain, but very casually and small groups, less than 8 adults (both our families are across the country)Âusually other families with kids  the kids eat at the kitchen table, the adults in the dining room or on the deck. My cooking is simple  braised/grilled/roasted fish, meats, veggies. I bake but generally only for guests, much to my sonÂs (and DHÂs) dismay. Used to love to spend the day cookingÂmaybe itÂs my kitchen?

Why I want to remodel my kitchen:

1. Need more counter space

2. Want to center sink under window

3. Want to separate prep and cooking from the cleaning zone

4. Want to get rid of the glass electric cooktop on the island  putting in a Lacanche Cluny:)

5. Do not like angled island

6. IÂm okay with the storage that I have now, although I had to recently give up my pantry for basement stairs (a completed remodeling project!). Now have 8 x 12 storage room in basement for Costco Âstuff and the rarely used countertop convection oven, etc. I have an extra fridge in the garage, and the basement, as well as a broom closet for cleaning supplies and dog paraphernalia. I donÂt like the deep pantry cabinet that I currently store dry goods in  prefer shallow storage, maybe just uppers with drawers below.

7. Not planning to move any walls or windows, though I am open to moving the door into the dining room

8. Feel the need to get the layout finalized so I can worry about the finishes  want to end up with a bright, warm, elegant but casual, traditional but not fussy, welcoming, comfortable space.

Here is the existing kitchen:


Following is Kitchen A, my working plan for 3 years, tweaked by a few kitchen designers and an architect. One included a prep sink, but everyone else thought it was redundant. This plan hasnÂt really inspired me to act.


Kitchen B is my latest plan with the idea of moving the dining room door, which seems to give more space to prepping and cooking, as well as cleanup. Definitely need a prep sink on this one  best location?


If youÂre still reading, I appreciate your patience! What do you think about these layouts? What concerns do you see? I appreciate all the different eyes and viewpoints here - many thanks for your time and any comments, thoughts or ideas!

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