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Order of tasks? Also confused about site-finished flooring

9 years ago

We are going to be the GC ourselves for the kitchen remodel to keep costs down. Based on our conversations with various trades (plumber, electrician, cabinet maker, flooring guy, etc), the order of tasks seems to be as follows.

One thing that we didn't expect is, the flooring guy says they will install the wall-to-wall hardwood flooring before the cabinets go in, but they won't stain and finish it until after the countertop is in, with the appliances removed. So it seems that the appliances need to be in for the countertop template and install, but they need to be removed for finishing the floor, and then put back in again after the flooring is done...

Anyway, does the order of tasks seem about right to you? Is there anything we missed? The wall color will remain the same, so we probably won't need to re-paint the entire room. Also, the range is going to be 6" away from the wall, so no backsplash will be required below the range.

1. Remove countertop and cabinets
2. Rough plumbing and electrical
3. Remove old laminate and tile flooring
4. Install new hardwood flooring -- leave it unfinished
5. Drywall repair?
6. Install cabinets -- leave base molding uninstalled
7. Install hood and make up air
8. Final plumbing and electrical -- appliances go into place
9. Do countertop templates

  1. Install countertop and backsplash
  2. Remove freestanding range and fridge -- ??
  3. Stain and finish hardwood flooring
  4. Put freestanding range and fridge back in place -- ??
  5. Add base molding for cabinets
  6. More drywall repair?

What tool should we use to move a freestanding range (Bluestar RNB), and a french door fridge with bottom freezer? If we do what the flooring guy says, the range and the fridge will be stored temporarily in an adjacent room that's one step below the kitchen (a 6"-7" drop).

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