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Are honed granite slabs routinely re-honed by fabricators?

9 years ago

Same question, different title, hoping to get more opinions

Hi All,
Well, it took months, but I finally chose a slab of honed virginia mist for our kitchen counters. Today I went to the fabricator for templating and was dismayed by multiple areas of fine linear scratches, which could not be avoided for my layout.

The fabricator said they could send the slab back to the distributor, but they said they will not re-hone it.

I was under the impression that a granite fabricator would be able to hone.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience along these lines as to the best way to proceed? Find another slab? Find another fabricator?


Heard from hollysprings who says I need new slab and new fabricator. I'm in agreement on the fabricator. I'm not sure how a fabricator could manage a honed slab if he or she couldn't re-hone away problems that arise. I did spend a long time choosing this slab and am interested to know if the fine scratches would come out with re-honing (if I sent it to another fabricator). Are honed granite slabs routinely re-honed by fabricators? Is there some way for me to tell if the scratched could be honed out, before I send it to a new fabricator?

many thanks

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