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Kitchen Window covering - help needed

13 years ago

My new homes kitchen is in the front of the house. The window is probably 7 feet long with a window on each side. I have a window seat being made for under the window. When building I didn't realize that I don't like my back (when at the sink) to the window. my sink faces out to the family room.

I'm sure that my neighbors can see in my window so I'd like some privacy and not to feel that "someone" is looking at me.

Rather than full window blinds ( I am going to do a topper) I was thinking about using 1/2 shutters that I could swing open during the day and swing close for the night. The upper part of the window would still be partial undcovered when the shutters are fully closed. I dont' think you can see into the upper part from the street.

Does anyone still use this type of shutter? Most of my neighbors have wood plantation shutters - I don't like them because I think they take away too much natural daylight.

If you have them - I would love to see some photo's of the rooms you have them in.


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