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A few KAW sneak peaks

9 years ago

D*@)^ it! I spelled peek wrong!

We got our fridge and range on Saturday. Our vent hood and faucet/disposal/sink hook up today.

I tried prepping some strawberries last night. I forgot I still didn't have a sink, so it still required several trips to the bathroom to rinse, etc, but...

...dogs are staying REALLY close!

(we were moving some things from cabinet to cabinet as well)

Tonight, we had our first official dinner. I took a pic of the first use of the range...toasting fennel seeds for some dressing...

Somewhere in here we opened a bottle of wine and all I have is some carrots being grated...

...what's important about that pic is that it's on my low counter under the window...can't you tell? ;)

Then we skip to the final result...

Everything was awesome. It's going to take getting used to a multi-butt kitchen. We did a lot of circling the island, and 'Can you hand me the ___________?'

But it was a nice event. It was a great evening. And fabulous food.

For those of you following the story, the goal was to be done WAY before we went back to school (two teachers) to have time to get used to and enjoy the kitchen this summer. Well, DH started back last week and I started back today. Not all bad, from what people tell me, for a kitchen with cabinets ordered mid-May and that arrived mid-July.

(side note: I've estimated we could have about 9 or 10 work stations in the kitchen and could have about 20 people socializing. I am SO ready to have a party!)

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