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nice roller blinds for french doors??

13 years ago

I have a set of french doors that create quite a privacy hazard at night (views directly to numerous apartments surrounding our house), yet I love that they look out on our garden and let in tons of light. I recently tried floor to ceiling curtains and just hated how heavy they looked. Now I'm thinking the best bet might be simple roller blinds (which we do have on adjacent windows). The privacy concerns are only really applicable to the top halves of the doors anyway. I have always disliked blinds and shades attached to doors, however. I hate to ruin the look of the wonderful doors, so I'm really looking for something streamlined and low-profile and simple. There is not enough room above the doors, by the way, to mount window treatments that way; they have to attach right to the doors, sadly. Any advice? Pictures of your solutions? I really am currently leaning toward roller shades; unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding anyone (online, at least, which is how I'd prefer to order) who makes them with bracket covers for outside mounts. Even Smith and Noble does not have bracket covers, so you're forced to look at the unsightly metal brackets at the sides! Please help!! Thanks.

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