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range question (probably ignorant...)

12 years ago

Forgive me, when I did my kitchen appliance selections back in December, I hadn't yet discoved this awesome forum. 36" dual fuel KA range was installed today. I am assuming this appliance is a "freestanding" range vs. a "slide-in," as the sides of the range do not overlap the counters. Is that the difference? So what is the benefit to having a range be "freestanding." (I am hoping to goodness there is some benefit, as it was quite a spendy purchase *certainly not Viking-spendy* but spendy enough for me.) Right now, while I am swooning over its loveliness, my eyes keep darting to the abysses(abyssii?) on either side of the appliance, and picture my dh's vigorous omelet-flipping skills(?) coating the sides of my cabs in egg-goo. So, am I stuck? I don't even remember the KD giving me an option or explaining the difference. Is there something "after-market" I can purchase or pay someone to do to make the spaces disappear? Educate me, dear GWers! Thanks! :)

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