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VERY preliminary layout, ideas please!

10 years ago

So excited to start planning a new kitchen!

We are working with an architect and expect to start work in the fall on a lakeside cottage/house in a densely wooded area about a 35 minute drive north of our city.

It will be quite small, only 900ish sq feet on the main floor, and another 500 or so in the walk out basement.

For the next 10-12 years it will be used as a weekend/summer/holiday cottage. Once the kids are in university DH and I may live there most of the year.

I don't have e-versions of layouts and floor plans I'm afraid, so at this early stage you'll have to rely on poor quality photos, sorry.

Okay, the kitchen. We are a family of four, we will entertain frequently at the cottage. Close friends and family, so pretty casual entertaining. Most of the year quite a bit of grilling will take place outside on the BBQ. I doubt I'll do any serious baking, but no doubt will have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners up there. Mostly casual dining though.

The location of the kitchen in the floor plan can't change much - or rather, I don't want it to. Nor can it grow in size much. It will remain a smallish galley kitchen, but how I arrange the kitchen is entirely up in the air. And I'd love some ideas!

First photo: this mock up just gives you an idea of the feel of the house. (Very modern, will be mostly cedar clad and rustic modern design inside ). The double doors you see lead into the dining room, the kitchen is immediately to the right as you enter those doors. You can see the kitchen windows (corner) in this shot.

This is a partial shot of the ground floor layout. Tough to see details I know, but the kitchen is in the middle, DR to the right, LR further right of the DR, hallway to entrance and bedrooms to the left of the kitchen.

Finally, just a rough hand drawing of one potential layout. Notes:

- No seating at the peninsula. I'm sure prep will happen at the DR table quite often, esp. when a crowd is around.

- Ideally I'd like open shelves (11" deep) on the DR side of the peninsula for all our plates, glasses, etc. This will facilitate setting and clearing the table, etc., and more importantly will keep the people doing the clearing and setting out of the kitchen proper.

- I'm pretty sure I will need upper cabinets on the fridge run, unfortunately (generally I prefer shelving). I will want them integrated with the exhaust hood somehow, assuming the cooktop stays there.

I'm open to all comments and ideas!

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